How To Unlock Your Mac With Touch ID Using New iPhone App




If you have been waiting for the day where you can unlock your Mac using Touch ID on your iPhone, that day has finally come.

Apple iOS developer Leandro Luizari has released a new iPhone app called FingerKey, which allows you to unlock your Bluetooth LE enabled Mac using your iPhone. If you own an iPhone with Touch ID, you can use it to securely authenticate and unlock your computer.

Here is a full list of features included in the app:


– Security: 256-bit AES encryption is used to store and transfer data between your phone and your computer.

– Convenience: it saves you time as you can easily unlock your computer from a distance.

– Scalability: FingerKey let’s you unlock multiple computers with no problem.

– Speed: save time by accessing FingerKey from anywhere using its Notification Center Widget (Today Extension).


– FingerKey is compatible with Bluetooth-LE capable devices (iPhone 4S onwards).

– FingerLock is compatible with Bluetooth-LE capable computers (double check whether your computer has this feature before purchasing).


In the future, Luizari plans to update the app to be optimized for all iPhone screen sizes, include both Windows and Linux compatibility, and include the ability for pattern unlock.

FingerKey is available to download from the App Store for $1.99. The app requires a device running iOS 8 or later and will only work if both your iPhone and Mac have Bluetooth LE support (be sure to check this before downloading the app).

[via BGR]


  • Vas

    This app sounds brillant! I’m away on business travel now but can’t wait to get back home and try this on my MacBook! I’m assuming the MacBook Pro retina has the bluetooth LE capabilities…

  • Dare

    I’m 99% sure it does. You can find out for sure under System Imformation and (Apple—>About this Mac then click system information). Hit Bluetooth on the left side and see what comes up on the right.

  • tomm

    This thing does not work. Here is the description and my email to the company:

    I need a refund,

    your Finger Key and Finger lock does not work

    I have iPhone 6 and mid 2012 Macbook Pro, compatible with bluetooth LE

    After many tries, I was able to pair the finger lock with finger key once, but I have totally failed to unlock my MBP with the touch ID on the iPhone

    so I deleted both pairings from the iphne and MBP and now it won’t even pair.

    I have wasted enough time, I gave it a chance and now I was my $2 back, your toy does not work

  • Try emailing iTunes support they might be able to help too.

  • Vas

    When I checked the app out on the App Store, there is an opening statement from the developer stating about connection issues with the iPhone 6 and 6+, and that they are working to provide an update to correct this. This might resolve the issues you are having between the phone and MBP when they release the update…

  • gerry

    My first gen Macbook Pro Retina seems to be supported. If LE stands for “Bluetooth (Low Energy – LE), it has a ‘yes’ right beside it.

  • iverge

    I feel this is one of those apps that Apple will kill by offering this feature with a future software update. Anyone remember the flashlight app?

  • Tim

    Sounds like more of hassle than typing in my password. If the sensor was on my MacBook that would make sense.