Images Show iPhone 6 Front Panel and Rear Shell Assembled


For the first time since the iPhone 6 component leak avalanche began, the highly anticipated device’s front and back appear “assembled.” The images leaked by the Russian Feld & Volk (via MacRumors) show the iPhone 6 close to the final stage of manufacturing and give us a hint as to how the finalized product will look when it reaches the shelves.

Iphone 6  3

As you can see in the image above, the front panel’s edges meet with the rounded edges of the rear shell to create a nice curve. Although the guys don’t specify which model they are presenting in the images, we can speculate that this is the 4.7-inch model. According to the information shared with MacRumors, the iPhone 6 will likely measure about 7 mm in depth, 0.6 mm thinner than the iPhone 5s.

Iphone6  2

The pill-shaped volume buttons appear in these images as well, as does the relocated power button. With the iPhone 6, Apple has redesigned the speaker holes and apparently opted for a round True Tone flash.

Apple is widely expected to unveil the next-generation iPhone next month on September 9, with the 4.7-inch version said to reach store shelves roughly 10 days later.


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    Too bad their isnt pics of the back. That’s the part I’m most curious about.

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    You need to start adding words like “alleged” into your titles for articles of this nature. Yes this is likely the design, but your titles purport fact when you can’t confirm such. Seemingly little things like this are what separates this blog from larger entities. This isn’t the first time from you, Ivan.

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  • chickeee

    He’s Terrible !