iOS 11.3 Hints at New Apple Watch Pride Face


Today, Apple released a new build of iOS 11.3 for the new 9.7-inch iPad, which the company announced yesterday.

New accessibility strings that were found in the build suggest that a new watch “Pride” face is on the way. The new face will consist of “ribbons of pride undulate independently in surprising patterns as they approach consolidation.”

The string itself was found within an accessibility bundle that Apple uses to provide audio descriptions of iOS features to those that have vision issues.

This component was bundled in the section that is used to configure your Apple Watch from your iPhone. Even though there is no Watch app on the iPad, there has been files that have been left over, similar to the HomePod leaks we saw before the device was announced.

Previously, the company offered a Pride band for Apple Watch was a limited edition that was only sold for a short period of time. The company has stopped selling the bands ever since.

[via 9to5Mac]


  • Riley Freeman

    how about some new watch faces period. The options they currently have are boring. I am okay with locking down the customization on the iphone but sheesh, let me get some on my watch.

    I use the modular face and i would like to have a background pic on it but unfortunately, they dont let you which is dissapointing

  • Jack

    Background pic on modular face will make it difficult to read the individual complications should someone chose a bright background, so I see why they restricted that.

  • SOB

    They should open watch faces to all developers. Fitbit allows 3rd party watch faces and they have some pretty cool ones to choose.

  • Chrome262

    I have lots of different faces I use to use, I just use the modular because of all the custom options.

  • Riley Freeman

    difficult to read is more my problem right. Not apple and it really depends on the image