iOS 4.3 Coming in Mid-December?


The rumour mill is in full swing about Apple’s plans to release iOS 4.3 in mid-December. iOS 4.2.1 was released yesterday, later than many had anticipated when Apple announced their November release date.

News Corp has been working with Apple to create an iPad-only newspaper that will be pushed daily to your iPad (for only 99 cents/week!). The rumours are that an Apple Event will announce this breakthrough newspaper in mid-December on the 9th (according to Gruber, who usually has some solid sources), and could also possibly coincide with the announcement of iOS 4.3.

Rumours are that iOS 4.3 was slated for a mid-December release anyways, as Apple typically releases minor firmware updates to address bugs a month later or so.

The latest issue people are having is the inability to stream iPhone 4 HD video via AirPlay to Apple TV, as right now it’s audio only. Other problems include missing music from their iPhone.

It’s inevitable that iOS 4.3 will be on the way shortly. I don’t see it coming in late December as that’ll be Christmas, so the discussion of an early December release seems the most plausible right now, along with an event to announce The Daily iPad newspaper. Could Apple be leading the way to save the declining newspaper industry?

Have you had any issues with your iOS 4.2.1 upgrade?

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  • Maverick Lam

    If that’s true and the developers are holding off once again on the unlocking….., the iPhone4 with preloaded 4.1 iOS will never be unlocked!

    Is the mouse leading or the cat has regained control?

  • Blair

    Yes I’ve had problems with the new update my music is not in the iPod but if you go into general settings about it shows that I have 663 songs is there at fix?

  • lilsaint

    Connect Ur iPod to iTunes , Play a song from ur Computer and then sync

  • NovA

    Not only do I have the problem with the music being on the phone but not being displayed but the Find my iDevice keeps telling me my email is not verified. Which it is. This update seems a bit rushed.

  • Noahattic

    wow… i see the updates have become too often this year with iOS 4. i don’t know if this’s related to the jailbreak/unlock thing. but i feel like apple leaves some little problems for the next update to fix as apple can hook out more holes that the devs explored.

  • Tironnahoser

    My iPod didn’t have music either until I synced again with iTunes. Also a strange quirk is the existing alarm settings won’t toggle ON until I re-edit and save them. iPhone 3GS.

  • The only problems I have are that the new text message tones don’t show up on the iPhone 3GS and that I need a current gen device (which I do not have access too) to active the free “Find my iPhone”. The music going missing has happened to me the past two OS updates, but all you have to do is sync your device again (since it backed up when you updated nothing will really transfer) and your music is back.

  • Eryops

    Thanks. I had the same problem & that fixed it.

  • lilsaint

    for some reason Apple has chosen to only make those available on iPhone 4. No iPhone 4, no new text tones. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ruprecht Jaeschke

    Just got my IPhone yesterday and had no issues updating.

  • Aloombox

    The update went very smoothly on my 3GS but I did encounter the annoying missing music issue. All my albums are gone!!! Not good to hear that Air Play isn’t doing well with HD videos either. Aghghhg! I also hate the Air Print feature; it’s useless because of the number of printers it supports. Why did they even bother??

  • iphoneinregina

    Hey, thanks for the heads up. I updated to 4.2 last night and didn’t notice all my music was missing until I checked after reading your post. Quickly got it all back with a sync. I think it was there all along, just not recognizing it because the sync didn’t actually copy any music from my desktop.

  • Luca

    Ya my songs all got deleted for some reason but it didnt bother me i just need to re upload them

  • Mddg

    i m sorry to hear so many of you are having problems. my update experience was much better than all the previous ones combined. the proximity sensor issue which was annoying me to the point, that had i not know an update was coming i would have ditched my phone, has finally been solved. i can hold my phone anyway i like finally. the screen has not turned on once while i was talking. my music and media seems just fine. the find my iphone feature works like a charm tho i agree that at least 3gs users should have been allowed without finding a 4th generation device. also i discovered the remote app which lets me control the music playing on my computer while i am hanging with my friends in the other room. hope ios 4.3 will have something cool for my ip4.

  • I could see a Apple TV iOS update only, but I can’t see another update so soon for all devices, wouldnt allow enough time for full scale testing.

  • Anonymous

    Nah I doubt 4.3 will be out then. I don’t think Apple will make 4.3 a ‘bug fix only’ update. Probably be a 4.2.2 or something along those lines.

  • Anonymous

    Typing in 4.2.1 on the 3G is worse than 4.1, and possibly worse than 4.0 on web pages. This crap is getting on my nerves. 4.1 was a step back in the right direction, and now it’s worse again, possibly worse than ever. Gotta love Apple.

  • Anonymous

    I agree. I thought AirPrint would work with any wireless printer. Sux to know I gotta buy a new printer and speakers to take full adv of my ip4

  • Sal C.

    O.M.F.G.! I couldnt find the new text tones either!! STEVE JOBS IS A F–K’N PRICK!!!

  • Tuga2

    my battery dies quikly on ios 4.2.1 and it crashes alllllooooottttt