iOS 7 Allows Camera Zoom During Video Capture



With iOS 7, Apple users not only get an all new Jony Ive-style “flatter design”, but also a handful of new features. Discovered by the folks over at iDownloadBlog, one of these new features is the ability to zoom during video capture, something that was not previously available on Apple’s mobile operating system.

While shooting a video using an iOS 7 device, users can access the Camera’s zoom controls just like they can while taking a still picture. Once the red button is tapped for beginning video capture, users can use the pinch gesture to zoom in and out during video capture. Users can also tap-to-focus on closeups while shooting the video. Furthermore, a still image can also be saved during video capture by tapping the white button that appears to the left.

Check out a quick demo below:

Do you find iOS 7’s video zooming and simultaneous still image capture features useful?


  • wuju

    love it!

  • Jason

    ITS ABOUT F****ing time they’ve added this feature. I wonder if the zooming function would be smoother if you could zoom using the volume keys instead of the “pinch to zoom” option

  • AppleIsACult

    Android had this festure 3 years ago. Apple, stealing ideas are we? Apple will keep playing this game for years to come. Oh well, they did invent something no one did recently:

    The worlds first garbage can computer, hell even with crap, iSheep will still pay thousands of dollars for it so long as theres an apple logo on it.

    If you disagree, you are an iSheep and you think Apple is god.

  • My god, our classic fandroid detector meter just exploded.

    PS – Apple is the best!

  • K4

    Good one Gary! ‘ApplelsACult’, feel free to go fu*k yourself

  • K3

    This “Jason the Android lover” probably has attachments and an app for that. ????

  • Nick

    All devices?