iOS 9.3.2 is Bricking Some 9.7-inch iPad Pros With ‘Error 56’ Message


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Earlier today, Apple officially released the final version of iOS 9.3.2, but it looks like some owners of the 9.7-inch iPad Pro are having some issues.

According to a report from MacRumors, many 9.7-inch iPad Pro owners that upgraded to iOS 9.3.2 are seeing their devices bricked and unusable. The device then gives an “Error 56” message, which tells the device owner to connect to iTunes and proceed be restoring their device.

Unfortunately for the folks experiencing the issue, plugging the iPad into their computer to launch iTunes, as instructed by the error message, is not working.

“Mine is bricked. Says it needs to be plugged into iTunes, won’t restore or update, just a big loop. Fantastic. :/”

Apple has a specific error document for Error 56, which states that this particular error message relates to a hardware issue. That document goes on to say that owners should update to the latest version of iOS, try to restore the device twice, and check for issues with third-party security software. If this doesn’t work, the company advises the device owner to contact Apple Support.

If you own a 9.7-inch iPad Pro, have you been experiencing any issues with iOS 9.3.2? Let us know in the comments below.


  • A-thought

    It. Just. Works.

  • KIII

    3 Hours remaining on the download. huh.

  • Léon

    I think I’ll just wait a while.

  • Steve

    Does anyone know what the default iOS version that the 9.7″ iPad Pro comes with?

  • Andy

    You’re updating it wrong.

  • mxmgodin

    It was released with iOS 9.3 pre-installed in March. I don’t know if that’s still the case, though.

  • Thanks Steve!

  • Brad Fortin


  • Steve

    Do you know if it comes with the same cable and power adapter as the iPad Air 2?

  • mxmgodin

    Not sure of that, but I think all iPads since the 4th gen have used the same 12W adapter (with iPads 1-3 using a 10W adapter). And the cable is just the same regular Lightning-to-USB cable that is shipped with any Apple device.