tvOS 9.0 Download Released for New Apple TV

Apple has released the final retail version of tvOS 9 for the new Apple TV (device name AppleTV5,3), build 13T396, ahead of the device’s launch tomorrow. The firmware was made available on Apple’s servers and will be available for users that need to restore via iTunes (particularly developers that want App Store access).

Just over a week ago Apple released the GM build of tvOS, which has the same build number as today’s public release. For those looking to download tvOS on its own, click here get it.

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  • Pokieo

    Could you post an instructional on how to update the new Apple TV without a USB-C cable? Is it even possible?

  • Retail ATV4 units should ship with the latest firmware. Wireless would be possible for updates, but not for a manual restore, as that requires iTunes.

  • Dr. AL

    If you have a developer unit, then a USB-C cable is needed. The GM tvOS is not available over the air.

  • Pokieo

    Yes, I have a developer unit. It’s funny that they shipped the unit with a lightning cable to charge the remote, but not USB-C cable to restore the device. Seems like that would be handy for troubleshooting purposes.

  • Pokieo

    I’ll keep you posted about the OTA update on dev units.