iPhone 4S Reservations Are Being Sold on Craigslist


As Apple moved to online reservations-only for the iPhone 4S, people have started to capitalize on the demand by selling their spots on Craigslist and more.

A quick search reveals a plethora of ads ranging in price from $25 to $75. Interested buyers meet the individuals at Apple Stores and during the purchase the buyer ends up paying rather than the person that made the reservation.

Factory unlocked iPhone 4S units from Apple have become a coveted commodity, as demand remains high internationally (Hong Kong pre-orders sold out in 10 minutes) for the device and those looking to avoid lengthy contracts in Canada.

During iPhone launches, it’s not uncommon to also see people posting ads to sell their spots while they wait overnight in line.

Have you been able to reserve and iPhone 4S on Have you ever paid for a reservation or a spot in line?

Thanks Tommy!


  • Anonymous

    Why would someone actually pay for this?

  • Have had the cash for weeks but cant get a phone reserved.  Crap place should have more for the demand!  been looking on apple site every other night between 9pm- 10pm  in Calgary and there is never any available.

  • A lot of people lose the faculty of reason when Apple products are concerned. Particularly the iPhone.

  • Anonymous

    Apple has plenty of iPhones to go around, yet every year they play this game and increase demand! There is no way in hell analysts cannot predict the approximate demand. There is no way in hell apple can’t afford to produce that many units in that short amount of time! It’s all a marketing ploy. So if you really want an iPhone so badly wait in line on launch day next year. The 4S doesn’t have enough for me to upgrade from my iPhone 4 this year otherwise I would have made the time to stand in line like the rest of the sheep!

  • Lee Peltz

    I just walked into Future Shop at 5PM on a Sunday and they had loads in stock.  Not unlocked, but I don’t really need it.

  • Ya I’m not a stand in line type guy, but i thought 3 weeks after launch that I could get a 4S from the apple store.  piss me off..

  • Anonymous

    Makes sense right apple wants to sell products but first they make you jump through hoops! Great business model!

  • JohnnyC

    Considering that I bought a 4S on launch day (and an extra one to sell to offset my costs a little), I am shocked that people will buy a reservation, but nobody is buying my ACTUAL UNLOCKED 4S.

    It boggles the mind.  I have had an Apple unlocked 4S sitting on my desk since launch day, with an “or best offer” posting on craigslist getting completely ignored – even after reposting.

    HMMPH.  I may just return it to Apple this week.  What a bust.

  • Tony

    I made a reservation to Rogers last wednesday and cancelled it the same day. Just an hour later i called the nearest rogers store and they had the one i wanted and picked it up. I guess i got really lucky.

  • MarkL

    I had no problems reserving. Just start at 8:55 and after a couple of refreshes, you’ll get a spot. Paying 25$ for that? Nonsense unless folks have money to throw away.

  • You are so unlucky. I was able to sold all my iPhone 4S on launch date.

  • There was something call…. Pre-order.

  • AverageGuy

    Bah I ordered mine a week after the release, it shipped by 1 week and was at my door a little over 2 weeks later. Factory unlock FTW.