iPhone 5C Shipments Arriving In The U.S. Ahead Of September 10 Launch Event


An anonymous source has told MacRumors that Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5S and 5C models, which are expected to be unveiled at the next week’s special event, have started arriving in the U.S. The report also notes that the source is “reliable”, and claims that some of the next generation iPhones have already entered into the United States.

Blue white yellow iphone 5c package

A number of photos of alleged iPhone 5C units in yellow and blue colours which surfaced yesterday, are believed to be taken from an initial shipment of 1.2 million iPhone 5C units, which was sent to the U.S. yesterday, notes the source. Other photos of packaged iPhone 5C units have also emerged in the past few days, further suggesting that the shipments may well be on their way. A packaged iPhone 5S however is yet to show up on the web.

As is not unheard of for the company, Apple is already beginning to stockpile units in the United States for quick distribution to carrier partners, other third-party retail partners, and its own channels. With the new iPhone hardware expected to be introduced at next Tuesday’s media event, Apple’s past history would suggest that the new models would launch in the U.S. and other first wave countries about a week and a half later, with Friday, September 20 being the most likely date. 

So guys, getting excited yet?


  • warpdrive

    128gb… 128gb.. Pleeeeease

  • Looks like your wish might be granted, we’ll find out soon enough!

  • hub2

    32 GB had better be the bare minimum, even if they try pushing iCloud content delivery. 16 GB was the low end four years ago when I got my 3GS.

  • Chrome262

    well the reports say the gold is 128 so that might be for all of them. On specs for 5c; I can see it being cheaper because of the plastic, but they will probably push the C for color so it might just be like the 5, and that might mean a 16gig version. Actually 16 gig is enough for me. only because I tend to delete apps I don’t use.

  • There are plenty of people out there who still find 16GB enough space on their phone. I’d say a over half of my friends would be fine with 16GB of space.

    Personally, I’m hoping for a 128GB model as my 64GB 4S is packed to the gills, but if Apple can get away with pleasing half of their market at a lower cost, why wouldn’t they? You can still choose to buy a larger phone if you need the space.

  • hub2

    Sure, for those who rarely use download or use any apps, even the 8 GB offered on new, previous-gen is enough.

    “You can still choose to buy a larger phone”

    Yes and no. $100 for a bump from 16 to 32 GB made some sense in 2009. It is unacceptable today, with more than a few games and apps over 1 GB in size.

    Mind you, this debate may be moot after we see what Apple releases on the 10th. Indicators are they are aiming to regain market share at the expense of revenue, so we’ll see what kind of compromises they’ve decided on.

  • I see your point. Although this is a post about the alleged 5C model. I was thinking they’d do something like offer the iPhone 5C in 16GB and 32GB configurations for cheap, and then offer the iPhone 5S in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB configurations for the same prices as the current iPhone 5.

    I honestly can’t see them releasing the 5C in a 32GB minimum configuration when the majority of the target market for that phone doesn’t need that much space, and in addition to that they’d likely be overlapping capacity with the 5S model. (Assuming of course that all of the rumours about two tiered models are accurate.)

  • beavisaur

    It seems like they are replacing the iphone 5 with the 5C and then just coming out with the new 5S.
    makes sense, and I’m excited to see the 5S