Fight of the ‘iPhone 6’ Concepts – Which one is Better? [PICS]


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(Plastic blue version = ‘macfan’ concept / metallic = ‘nowhereelse’ concept)

A few weeks back, designer Martin Hajek developed a series of amazing 3D renderings based on alleged ‘iPhone 6’ schematics leaked by the Japanese MacFan. Today, the designer has placed his ‘iPhone 6’ concept side-by-side with that of the ‘nowhereelse concept’, after adding some colour to its original design. Here’s what he says on his blog:

“After the MacFan concept of the iPhone 6 was leaked Steve Hemmerstoffer of the French blog had some more detailed ‘leaked’ schematics. Based on those schematics we built a really nice concept. Since the ‘MacFan concept’ seems to be more of a iPhone 6?c’ I decided to add some color to it and place it alongside the ‘nowhereelse concept’. You be the judge which one is nicer!”

Take a look at some more images below and tell us which one do you think is better!

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  • Biggy604

    The plastic Blue one kinda looks like how the new 6C’s will look like, while the other would be the 6/6S.

  • Chrome262

    Blue one looks better but at the same time has the wrong flash, assuming the dual flash stays. Don’t like how the gold is just rounded like that, so blue