Alleged iPhone 6 Hands-On Shows Device Connected to iTunes on a Mac [VIDEO]


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Russian luxury iPhone modifier Feld & Volk has been a source of leaks this year, such as earlier showing off NXP’s NFC chip within an assembled iPhone 6 logic board.

Now, the company has posted a hands-on video to its YouTube channel showing an alleged iPhone 6 being plugged in and connected to iTunes. Check it out below:

As you can see from the video above, a Lightning cable is plugged into the alleged iPhone 6, which then shows a connector pointing to an iTunes logo. The camera is then panned to an iMac showing the device attempting to connect to the iPhone software update server, but is unable to because of no internet connection. The end of the video shows two devices, which look to be an iPhone 5s (updated) next to the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 showing the connect to iTunes image.

This could be an elaborate fake, but given Feld & Volk’s track record to date in leaking iPhone 6 parts this year, it sure does look interesting to say the least. What do you think about this video?

Update: Here’s a video from their Instagram page–this device has apparently been pieced together with spare iPhone 6 parts, an impressive feat:


  • fmgasparino

    Looks good. Antennas look much better on that one compared to previous ones.

  • whysoserious

    dude who the hell cares, this is so freakin photoshopped you can tell. search google for iphone6 images and they’re all these click bait type articles

  • Okay

  • rvs007

    The second phone on the right at the end of the video looks more like an iPhone 5S.

  • Zakh

    You want a cookie bud?

  • Adam

    Because it is…

  • Dingleberry

    Unfortunately it’s not real. It’s the guts from a 5/5s put into the supposed iPhone 6 shell. You can tell since the cable graphic on the phone is not flush against the bottom of the screen like it should be, it’s short about the same distance the screen is long compared to the 5/5S.

  • shinji

    As others have said it is fake. In a later shot it shows him holding the phone and it had the connected screen on it but there was no cable attached. It would of definitely dropped that screen during that time.