Check out this iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Inspired iPhone 6c Concept


Designer Kiarash Kia has just come up with a familiar, yet refreshing concept of what he believes could be the colourful iPhone 6c, based on the core design of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus smartphones.

IPhone 6c

The concept device seems to pack a 750 x 1134 pixel resolution display, weighs 120 grams, comes with 1 GB of RAM and features an 8 megapixel back camera.

IPhone 6c concept

The A8-chip based iPhone 6c concept device is offered in blue, yellow, beige and black. The handset also features an M8 coprocessor in a 7 mm thick case, along with a fingerprint scanner. The plastic chassis is rounded like the iPhone 6 and looks pretty premium. Check out these renders and share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

Concept iPhone 6c

IPhone 6c concept Kiarash Kia 5

IPhone 6c concept1


  • Le TechCast

    If the back of the phone is plastic (like on the 5c), they won’t need ta add the white gaps. The gaps are there so that the antennae can get the signal. Plastic already lets the signal through. Nice design though.

  • ShaBi

    You beat me to it.

  • Metromiller

    Interesting for sure. I must admit, I’m an owner of a 6 plus, but the rounded edges just don’t quite do it for me, aesthetically speaking. I remember when we last got rid of the rounded edges, with the unveiling of the iPhone 4. That was when I was glued to this site, checking for any new pics every hour and clamouring for the latest leaked pic… Or waiting for an Apple employee to leave a prototype in a bar? 🙂

    All this to say that they really rocked that square look and to this day, they really set the standard on quality machining and tight tolerances in the manufacturing of smartphone hardware. I thought they even further refined that approach with the 5 and 5S, particularly with the anodized aluminum. At any rate, there are certainly disadvantages to squared angles and perfectly flat surfaces, but strictly from a sweet design point-of-view, those iPhone 4 and 5 era phones were hard to beat. Style seems to cycle every few years, so maybe I’ll see it again soon… I can’t wait to see what the iPhone 7 or 8 will look like.

    Now let’s see those slick, square designs in an Apple Watch! Bam!!

  • Kiarash Kia

    Hi . Thanks for comment . but youre wrong ! i can show you designing progress 🙂 . i use basic 6 . yes of course because its 6 with c lowercase , i cant make iphone 8 then i tell this is 6c . 6 have it own designing sample . thanks