Apple Splits 4.7-inch iPhone Orders Between Foxconn and Pegatron, 70%–30%


Apple has already placed orders for the next-generation iPhone – Foxconn (or Hon Hai Precision Industry) will manufacture both models – and iPhone 5s and 5c orders have been transferred to Wistron, according to sources from the upstream supply chain speaking with Digitimes.

IPhone 6 mockup silver 1

The iPhone 6 is said to be coming in two different versions: 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models. Foxconn has been awarded 70% of the total 4.7-inch model orders, and the remaining 30% has gone to Pegatron. The sources don’t mention an order split for the bigger, 5.5-inch model, so it seems that Foxconn may have got 100%.

The Digitimes report apparently corroborates an earlier report claiming that the bigger version would arrive a bit later than the 4.7-inch model, as the report claims that the mass production of 4.7-inch model will start in July, and that of the 5.5-inch model, a month later.

The 4- and 4.7-inch iPhones will be the main sales force of Apple for 2014. Foxconn’s plants in Zhengzhou, China are expected to start supplying the 4.7-inch model in July and start manufacturing the 5.5-inch one in August.

Earlier this month, a source speaking with the Commercial Times said Pegatron had secured 15% of the total 4.7-inch iPhone 6 orders, while a January report suggested that the company had received half of all orders.


  • Al

    Having the larger iPhone be available later never made sense to me. To me, this production schedule makes sense for having both phones available at the same time.

    *IMO*, the demand for the larger model will be much less than the smaller model, so Apple can start producing them later. The result is that both models would be available for the (September?) launch date, but there would deliberately be fewer larger models available.