Pegatron Allegedly Wins Half of iPhone 6 Orders

The China Post reports that Apple’s assembly partner, Pegatron, might get half of the iPhone 6 orders. Citing an unidentified source of the Liberty Times, the report says that the Taiwan-based company has started building a new plant at Kunshan, near Shanghai, where the iPhones are assembled.

Pegatron office

Although rumours earlier this year claimed that Apple would launch a 4.7-inch iPhone some time in May, this report apparently contradicts that: The factory will only be operational mid-year and start mass production later on, just in time for the expected launch of the next-generation Apple handset.

Based on Apple’s orders, Pegatron also expects to look forward to a bright 2014: The company expects to cash in $31.5 billion more in revenue than last year, the report claims.

Pegatron has captured headlines multiple times in the last year: In July, a China Labor Watch investigation revealed at least 86 labour rights violations. Next, in December, the news of a child worker’s death put Pegatron on the hot seat until Apple’s investigation revealed no evidence of any link to the working conditions at the supplier’s facility.