iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus Confirmed with 2GB of RAM


While rumours leading up to the launch of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus speculated the new phones would have 2GB of RAM, that has now been confirmed.

According to MobileSyrup’s hands-on with the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, Apple informed Daniel Bader the new smartphones have 2GB of RAM. This is double the RAM found in Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, which means the latest iPhones have the same amount of RAM found within the iPad Air 2.

Iphone 6s ram

Extra RAM means Safari tabs won’t have to refresh as often, while overall performance coupled with the new A9 CPU will bring a faster, more robust experience, during high-intensive tasks such as demanding gaming titles.

Back in January, Asian publications claimed the next iPhone 6s would utilize LPDDR4 RAM, which is double the performance of LPDDR3 RAM found in the iPhone 6.

Let’s wait for iFixit’s teardown of the device, which most likely will occur on launch day, September 25. Online pre-orders for the iPhone 6s take place this Saturday, September 12 with the entry model starting at $899.


  • Me I AM

    The last time Apple increased their RAM was back in 2013. And yes Apple. You’re once again late to the party. Screw innovation. Let’s copy others and fool the gullible consumers.

  • Flash

    Are you serious? You are playing the numbers game? What are you using now on your iPad Air 2 or iPhone 6 that you would be like – damn this would run better with 4GB ram?

  • Drew

    Your a hack. Everyone knows, except you apparently that iOS manages memory much better than Android. Hence, Android requiring more RAM, look it up before you make comments that make you look daft.

  • Deihmos

    IOS does not manage memory better than android. It just does not multitask well as Android.

  • 4GBram


  • Pandhéga Palibaya

    Memory optimalization not just come from OS, but also from application.

    More RAM will make developer more lazy to optimize their application. That also mean shorter support for old iphone.

  • SAM

    Why RAM specification not mentioned on official IPhone site under Tech Specs. Is Apple not sure about it?

  • Viraat Devavrata

    People seem to forget that manufacturers like Xiomi will give u 4 GB ram if u want but would you go and buy a Xiomi ?

    Apple has never been about raw configuration, apple is much more than that. Apple is about flawless products, design, and excellent intuitive and ease of GUI.

  • Mikey-C-

    *IOS doesn’t recycle/refresh memory in the same sense Android systems do. Also, Apple is extremely efficient on how they deploy given memory not to mention Apple is flat out better when it comes to optimization while lacking in innovation or progressive features in order to offer stability.*

    Before Android struggled because the hardware power didnt reach a certain threshold and needed more time with general optimizations. Now days with better long term software designing and better hardware. Essentially can bruteforce past those small issues. People really forget that not everything is equal and there are definitely differences in any mfr or OS’s. Numbers dont tell the whole story as always.

  • c0ppo

    Yup, Samsung has excellent multitasking, where apps in background on Note 5 (4GB ram) refresh when u pull them back up. I would say that is one heck of a ‘mutltitasking’ right there

  • Povilas Griškevi?ius

    Talk about brainwashing.

  • Povilas Griškevi?ius

    More like nothing with maybe exception of Safari. How do i know this? Well i have Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6. S6 is barely keeping up with the iPhone on the UI smoothness and general performance with all that fancy tech. 8 cores, kicks GPU and 3 GB of ram.

  • Povilas Griškevi?ius

    Well thats the whole point. When you pick up iPhone 6 you don’t suddenly go looking for specs because its running slow or anything. You don’t really care about it having 1 GB ram. Now try an android phone with 1 GB ram running lollipop (that is if you can find one) and you will see the difference.

  • Povilas Griškevi?ius

    i Just check my iPhone 6 Plus and i have around 32 apps open. Any single one i choose opens opens up almost instantly and exactly where i left it. That’s 1 GB od RAM.

    Google and android phone manufacturers should be ashamed.

  • Sameer Madhusudhan

    I use a pure android lollipop Phone with 1GB ram(MOTO G) and it runs just fine. No lags whatsoever. Its the vendors like samsung and HTC that add their stupid bloatware make the phone seem like crap.

  • Povilas Griškevi?ius

    We have very different definitions of what is ‘just fine’. Anyway do you realize that laptops like MacBook Air have 4 GB of RAM and run OS X a desktop OS and run it s you say just fine. Thats DESKTOP OS WITH DESKTOPS APPS.

    where to begin ….

  • Fu

    Actually Lollipop is designed for lower RAM even with 512mb

  • Povilas Griškevi?ius

    Actually Apple designed iOS with that in mind from the start and what android is designed for I’m not sure to this day.

  • mathieulefrancois

    iOS might manage memory better to an extent, but 1GB was definitely starting to show it’s age on the iPhone 6/+. Safari tabs reloading, piss poor multi tasking due to apps always needing to refresh, etc.

    It’s about time that Apple decided to increase the RAM to 2GB and stop thinking of their deep pockets and profit margins.

  • mathieulefrancois

    That’s a Samsung issue not an Android issue.

  • mathieulefrancois

    That’s patently impossible. Nice try though

  • Simon

    Everyone with some clue don’t pay premium flagship price for mid-range hardware running crippled software with ridicolous limitations.

  • Simon

    Well, Samsung isn’t the best of Android by a long shot. I hate how people think Android = Samsung.

  • Tiger_The_Greatest

    LOL at the Android guzzlers going on about Ram!
    The galaxy S6 and S6 Plus had 3GB of Ram and were Samsungs worst ever selling Galaxy phones!L M F AO!
    The S6 sold so badly, that after just 4 months on the market Samsung released the Gakaxy S6 Edge Plus to try and counter the IPhone 6S Plus which is so pathetic it’s hilarious!
    Samsung EXACTLY copied the IPhone 6,copied Apple Pay with Samsung Pay,put an edge on the phone and then wonder why they failed so badly?LOL!
    You can guarantee that the next Galaxy phone will have 3D Force Touch for their screens and their next tablet will be a huge IPad Pro rip off!HA

  • Rio

    Can people stop blaming Safari refresh on RAM? It is not because of lack of Ram I promise you. It is just a decision made by someone at apple.

  • GV Kothari

    I don’t want to call you names, so I will just say you are misinformed. I urge you to youtube a multi-tasking comparison or speed test that involves the iPhone 6 vs any of the latest flagship Android phones (even samsung) and you’ll see how badly the iPhone 6 does when it comes to multi-tasking. Your “almost instantly” is actually nowhere near instant when you compare to phones with an actual decent amount of RAM. You’ll surprise yourself when you see the difference.

  • Deihmos

    How so? That is a fact. iOS does not multitask like android. I can download an irc application for android and stay connected but on iOS it cannot stay connected.

  • Shameer Mulji

    It’s designed for people with no taste

  • Christian J Harris

    Apple’s focus with the iPhone isn’t meant to be true multitasking. The average consumer is perfectly fine doing one thing at a time as long as they can go back to where they left off. If the average consumer had a significant problem with it then so many people wouldn’t be buying iPhones.

    I’m not arguing that there’s no value in true multitasking or that it isn’t an issue for many people, I’m simply saying that not everyone uses their phones in a way that they even notice the ram issue or would care if you pointed it out to them. As long as the app that’s in front of them at the moment is running smoothly then the average consumer doesn’t care.

  • Christian J Harris

    Not everyone has a clue because not everyone cares. If I’m in the mood for cake, I don’t care if the restaurant down the road has the best steak meal ever made; sometimes people just want cake.

  • Shivam

    It does..i am an iPhone 6 user.

  • shivam

    ios does not need that much ram… And that is the reason why the iPhone 6 beats hell out of other phones in benchmarks.. While producing ultra fast real life experience…apple optimizes them beautifully…that is why they outperform other android devices.. With 2gb ram.. It will be insanely fast

  • CedricT

    “Apple is about flawless products, design, and excellent intuitive and ease of GUI.”

    I think you need to take the Apple-branded vibrator out of your bum for a breather once in a while.

  • Cedric keep it clean please!

  • Viraat Devavrata

    @cedricT I don’t see the point of being rude, but of course considering the fact that you have no understanding of class, such behavior is expected of you.

  • Apple support

    Drew ! U r correct .. Apple is optimized.. So it manages.. The use of ram .. Not like Samsung.. They use to much ram .. And get heated up fast ..

  • ex2bot

    iOS apps use ARC instead of more resource-heavy garbage collection, so in that sense they do manage memory better. As for your complaint that iPhones are mid-range performers, that’s largely false. Apple’s fit and finish & materials have been among the best in the industry. Their CPUs and GPUs tend to perform among the very best at launch.

    Apple developed 64-bit chips well before their competition. With 64-bit architecture came the performance boost of the improved 64b ARM instruction set. The 6 series’ curved glass effectively eliminated the gap between the glass and aluminum. Touch-ID works exceptionally well. It’s probably my fav. newer feature b/c it’s significantly reduced typing in passwords (with pw manager even more so).

    That said, Apple is a year behind in included RAM. The 6 series should have had at least 2 GB.

  • ex2bot

    No, it’s RAM. You can have lots of tabs open on an iPad Air 2 without refresh.

  • ex2bot

    Apple doesn’t currently sell a vibrator. It would be the iBrator or something like that.

  • Rio

    I can have a full blown game like Sim City open, go to face book, messages, Instagram and then back to the game and it doesn’t have to reload.

    Your telling me that a few pages of safari need that much ram to reload?

    It is by design, for whatever stupid reason.

  • huseyin murteza

    la ne demek anlamad?m 2gb rammi var ?imdi 🙂

  • Ugh, misinformation. On iOS, apps are not GUARANTEED background processing. However, they DO have them.

    Scenario A:
    1. Open IRC app
    2. Switch to browser, browse for 30 minutes
    3. Switch to IRC app. If programmed to do so, it could have been running in the background the entire time. No resource contention caused it to be unloaded.

    Scenario B:
    1. Open IRC app
    2. Switch to a demanding game, play for 30 minutes
    3. Switch to IRC app. If programmed to do so, it would have tried running in the background the entire time. Resource priorities, however, were on the user’s current activity, and it was closed.

    This is why Android notoriously feels slow, it tries to make background process guarantees when the resources may not be there – and not just memory, but CPU as well! This is why task killers exist on Android, because they aggressively try killing background processes that you may not care about. iOS just does this for you, and with more RAM and a faster CPU, it will happen less frequently.

    And for the record, the only time I experience issues with background things being culled (Google Photos synchronization, chat apps, non-push 3rd party email clients, etc.) is when I do something that wants to use a lot of RAM, like games. 2 GB means that it will virtually never happen now, since apps/games will still be optimized for 1 GB.

  • ex2bot

    Safari is running all the time (the WebKit service), and web pages do tend to take up quite a bit of RAM. So, yes, Safari is subject to a hard memory limit. iOS doesn’t have virtual memory to fall back on.

    I also think that since Apple admins have continuous access to very fast Internet (both Wifi & cellular) it’s not as big a deal to them as it is to those of us with anemic Internet access.

    But conservation of RAM is the reason. On devices with more than 1 GB, many tabs can be opened without refresh.