‘iPhone 7 Plus’ in Glossy Black Imagined in New 3D Renders [PICS]


Ahead of Apple’s September 7th iPhone special event, rumours are again pointing at new colour options for the ‘iPhone 7’, with one of them being a “piano black” or “glossy black” (maybe like the Mac Pro), along with another darker matte option. These new colours were reiterated by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI Securities this morning, who has a pretty good track record of sharing Apple’s product road map and upcoming features.

While we’ve already seen a space black ‘iPhone 7’ render from designer Martin Hajek, we have yet to see a glossy version, which is why the following images shared by Applearab make for good discussion.

The pictures envision an ‘iPhone 7 Plus’ in both matte black and glossy black, with the shiny edges reminding me of those from a black Apple Watch Sport.

IPhone 7 Plus Matt vs Glossy Black Corona

IPhone 7 Plus Glossy Black Corona

IPhone 7 Plus Glossy Black Corona Top 4K

While we won’t find out official ‘iPhone 7’ colours until Wednesday, September 7th, these renders sure do look pretty good.


  • Matt Martone

    Damn, thats one sexy render

  • FragilityG4

    Reminds me of the 3GS!

  • Totally

  • Agreed! Waiting for Hajek to release a glossy render too.

  • FragilityG4

    He’ll some how make it look ugly ????

  • Nice rendering… but is it me, but this new color will be a scratch or fingerprint magnet?
    But I will be finally happy if they make darker their space grey finally… or even would have love the dark blue rumor…

  • Mamba

    With his glow effect and all.