iPhone Activation Lock – A New Security Feature In iOS 7


Activation Lock

Activation Lock for iPhone is a brand new feature in iOS 7, which Apple introduced at the WWDC 2013 keynote earlier today. The feature works alongside Find My iPhone and makes it virtually impossible for iPhone thieves to re-activate it, once it has been reported stolen and remotely erased.

Apple software VP Craig Federighi said

“We think this is going to be a really powerful theft deterrent.” 

According to Apple, even after a remote erase, Find My iPhone can continue to display a message with your phone number on the Lock screen. If you get your iPhone back after you’ve already erased it, just enter your Apple ID and password to reactivate it. With Activation Lock, the only way to re-activate the iPhone is by using the same Apple ID that was used to erase it.

Looks like Apple has finally found the “kill switch” that law enforcement agencies have been looking for to prevent iPhone theft and resale, don’t you think?


  • Moon

    what if the thieve plug the phone and reset it? (Just wondering)

  • They will still need to enter in the Apple ID to activate the phone.

  • ?

    More Kidnappings are about to unleash…………..

  • Adam

    Im a tad confused… Would you still be able to track it even after it has been reset? On the occasion that the “thief” had left your sim card in and you were still connected to your wireless network of course.

  • guylegend

    Does this deter a thieve from powering down the phone, removing the SIM then restoring iOS back in his liar?

  • They will still need to enter an Apple ID to activate the phone.

  • Jim

    The used phone selling is going to get harder with unscrupulous sellers selling and then claiming it got stolen.

  • Pp

    Apple makes a lot of money just by selling new phones… They will not loose easy money…

  • GamingSV

    Sign out of the account and sign in with your own before handing over the cash. Or just format the phone right when you get it.

    I’m pretty sure activation lock only works when its connected to the internet and has an account associated with it.