iPhone X Spotted in the Wild: Pictures and Video Found on Instagram


iPhone X pre-orders don’t kick off until October 27, but some people are seeing latest iPhone spotted in the wild.

An anonymous Reddit user has posted pictures and a video of iPhone X found from Instagram, showing what claims to be the latest iPhone.

Check out the pictures below (Imgur link here):

Iphone x wild

Iphone x b

Iphone x wild 2

Meanwhile, here is another iPhone X allegedly seen in the wild, posted by the same Reddit user:

Another iPhone X in the wild from apple

Earlier this year, Instagram announced tags for Stories, which is probably why these showed up in public hashtag searches.

According to the Reddit user who found the video, it was posted in the San Francisco area, suggesting it could be an employee’s test phone. Some people are claiming the video is a Chinese clone, but you can see there are new live wallpapers being shown, plus Face ID attempts to unlock but fails with a shaking ‘lock’ icon, since the device clearly does not belong to the person holding it.

So from these pictures and the video, you get to see the iPhone X in white and black in the wild. What colour do you prefer? iPhone X will start at $1329 CAD in Canada for the 64GB model.


  • And people will actually pay full price for a 1st-gen phone with FaceID.


  • Ned K.

    That looks thicker than I thought, and cameras look uglier.

  • Shane

    Definitely going with the white! 256gb!

  • FragilityG4

    I’m going to get, eventually, a 256GB but I’m torn between the black and white.

  • Mike

    Fake, the dimensions are too big. The iPhone X will have almost the same dimensions as the iPhone 7. Not the 7+

  • Mike

    This is fake the dimensions are completely wrong they marked it up to look like a plus size but it’s not a plus side, that iPhone X is going to have the same form factor almost as the regular iPhone 7 and the screen will fill it up without any bezels

  • Widohmaker

    Yup. This is actually a new product. I expect the price to go down to regular flagship pricing next year.