iPhone 5s ‘Blue Screen of Death’ Bug Affecting iWork for iOS Users [VIDEO]


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With every single major iOS release, there are always bugs. Earlier it was noted how an iOS 7 issue with background refresh has been causing some apps to constantly log users out of their accounts (i.e. Mailbox, Snapchat, PayPal). Even with the Apple TV, its recent 6.0 firmware was pulled after the update started to ‘brick’ user devices.

Now, it appears a bug in iOS 7 is causing iPhone 5s users to deal with a classic Microsoft trademark ‘blue screen of death’ when they launch iWork for iOS in some cases.

Here’s how the problem is described by reader Mike (Apple Support Communities threads also detail the issue):

1. Open any iWork app

2. Within said app, open any existing document

3. Once doc is opened, tap Home button. iPhone INSTANTLY crashes. Blue screen, then automatic reboot.

Check out just one of many videos being uploaded to YouTube below:

The issue of seeing a ‘blue screen of death’ is not new to iOS devices as others have also dealt with the issue before (and red screens as well on the iPad). However, users expect Apple to have found and fixed these ‘blue screen’ bugs prior to a major iOS 7 (in this case the issue is still present in iOS 7.0.1) release.

We independently tried to replicate the issue on our blue iPhone 5c and Numbers but were unsuccessful. Let us know if you are dealing with the ‘blue screen of death’ issue on your iPhone 5s and iWork for iOS apps.


  • Boarderlime

    I’ve had the same issue 5 times in 2 days. Not just iWork, once in Path. I’m on an iPhone 5S 32gb

  • Justin Chen

    I think MS is going to sue Apple for patent infringement.

  • LOL

  • Interesting. This is messed up

  • jeff

    i had the issue when first setting up my 5s 32GB. I was just installing apps and it got really hot, then flashed a blue screen and rebooted. Haven’t had it happen since though.

  • Katie

    This just happened to me on my iphone 5s that is 4 days old. Music app running, I open Pages. My doc loads briefly, and I get a blue screen with pixelated horizontal line and a system forced restart. I’m going into the Apple Store to figure it out. A phone this new shouldn’t have this problem.

  • Jaime Loaiza

    Happened to me last night. I was just scrolling down my Facebook app and the screen went blue with pixelated lines then went into a system reboot. I have a 5s 32gb. I’ve read about situations were the phone will not turn back on and I am worried this will occur when I need the phone most.

  • Darren Pearce

    I get the blue screen of death if I go on twitter or if I’m listening to music and trying to use other apps. Does not happen all the time but around once a day

  • Darren Pearce

    I have the 5s 16gb btw

  • robolindsey

    iPhone 5s 32gb. Every time I open pages or keynote. the recipe listed works every time. open document, press home button, blue screen. I’m particularly sad because I use these applications for class every day. :[

  • Jackf248

    Closed apps, blue screen of death on 7.0.1

  • Orion

    I’m having same issue after reset and install of iOS 7.0.2 help!

  • Tim

    Pretty sure it is because the 5s is 64 bit

  • David DeWolf

    iPhone 52 32gb. Same issue. Continuously. 3-5 times per day.

  • Marcelo Zeballos

    same issue here when using Numbers, really annoying

  • Garry

    Same issue here after installing nike plus app.. And then with pages and numbers… Called apple and was told to keep an eye on it

  • Michael Jay Delaney

    Noticed this for the first time today. As soon as I exit Pages it gives me this. That’s my 5s. Doesn’t seem to occur on the 5.

  • Dom

    It’s happened to me today.

    Watched a video which someone had posted on Facebook. Blue screen shows half way through video and phone reboots.

    iPhone 5S 32GB on 3G connection at the time

  • Cynthia

    first time it happened to we was when i was using airdrop, then the second time when using snapchat.

  • IV

    Happened to me when using Numbers. Opened a document and pressed the home button; crashed instantly. iPhone 5S on iOS 7.0.2

  • ohshit

    Happened to me with numbers, iphone 5S, iOS 7.0.2. Exactly as previous user described.

  • Jon Hirst

    It’s happened to me twice when I was in settings, messages. iPhone 5s AT&T 64gb ios7

  • Guest

    It’s been happening on both my wife and my phone too (both iPhone 5S’). It seems to be most prevelant (and repeatable) going from Pages to an app called “Japanese” (It’s a very good Japanese/English dictionary). My wife’s phone was restored from her iPhone 4, but my phone was built from scratch (no restore). So Restore and starting the phone from scratch doesn’t make a difference…

  • desertech

    I’m more interested in the cause of this issue. Do the drivers in the iWork suite need to be updated? Is it a Kernal issue?

  • ~

    Occurs on my iphone directly after opening snapchat. Every time. -.-

  • Fath3rjozy

    How do u fix it? I have ios8 nd it’s still doing it