Jefferies Says 4.8-inch iPhone 6 Set For June 2014


Apple is working on a 4.8-inch “iPhone 6”, but it isn’t likely to announce it this year, as it has run into manufacturing issues, Jefferies analyst Peter Misek claims.

While earlier rumours of the 4.8-inch iPhone Math claimed the device would reach customers as soon as this year, the analyst’s sources suggested that the bigger-screen “iPhone 6” (not iPhone Math) production has been postponed because of “screen-yield issues”.

With the iPhone 5, Apple switched to in-cell technology, which essentially meshes the touch screen with the glass screen into one thin display, and because Apple seems to be satisfied with this technology, it will likely continue using it with the bigger-screen iPhone, which, according to Misek, will be the iPhone 6.

Another possible explanation for postponing the launch of the 4.8-inch Phone 6 to June 2014: The device will run on a 20 nm processor, taking advantage of greater speed and reduced power consumption. The 20 nm processors will likely enter into mass production during this fall.

He also reinforced the rumour that Apple is working on a cheaper iPhone, as well as an iPhone 5S, which will be a slight bump over the current iPhone 5.


  • Professor frink

    Interesting to say the least. But still when most apps are still playing catch up to the I phone 5 screens resolution, why not iron this portion out before enlarging the screen, the cheaper I phone I see as a risky move, they have always pride themselves on quality but cheaper must mean either sacrificing build quality or internal storage, doubting apple would degrade on quality my prediction would be I phone 5 screen size 4-8gb internal storage with the gutz of either the 5 or the 4s some ware in the middle. The I phone 6 will be a monster of a phone what will hinder apple this year though is that many manufacturer’s are already there a year earlier, companies like Sony, lg, samsung, HTC these guys have or are releasing there 4.8-5inch screens now. Sonys newest xperia z is a true quality product, on par with the I phones build quality if not surpassing it with its dust and water resistance qualities. The I phone 5s might be to late for this but it will be in the 6. HTC is banking on beats and there camera quality to pull them through but there quality is still no match in terms of sound to I phone, samsung users will have very high expectations for there next galaxy phone, being the front runner for Android there S4 will follow the trends of the bigger screen and possibly being dust and water resistant as well. Innovation will be key for samsung the proper combination of newer android platforms as well as concentration on better battery life is key. Never count the fins out as well a deathly combo of build quality and a proper platform they could easily return like blackberry is right now..

  • Mark

    I’m just going to be obstinate and proclaim loudly that their is no way this is ever going to happen. Why?

    1. It’s an awkward and uncomfortable size (IMO).

    2. It will frustrate app developers.

    3. It will cause more mocking of Apple. They were parodied for increasing the size of the iPhone 5. If they did it again, especially so soon after, it will look bad and they will be seriously mocked. And deservedly so.

    4. They will lose that sweet spot 16:9 aspect ratio.

    5. People will have to buy new cases (and possibly other size-specific accessories) AGAIN.

    6. Because of all of the above, the customer base is going to start becoming very disgruntled and may look to other products.

    I’m betting that Apple is just not that stupid. And I think these analysts should stop re-enforcing unfounded rumours.

    Like I said… I’m being deliberately obstinate (despite knowing I could be wrong).

  • Apple has to diversify. If you want the larger screen, you get it. If you prefer the smaller more one hand friendly iPhone, you’ll have that option too.

    As far as the aspect ratio changing, this wont happen. 16:9 can be easily maintained with increasing the screen size. Perhaps you don’t know that 4.8 inches is measured diagonally across the screen?

    Anyways. I think the larger size would be a smart move for Apple. I personally think if they have a larger iPhone this will cover all the bases (for now) in what people want in a phone. I for one was surprised to see the iPad mini come to light, but it did

  • WatDaPhuck

    Rumors, rumors, rumors.
    I don’t believe or give a shit in any rumors, claims, leaks, or reports nowadays, until the product(s) is being introduce by the company.

  • WatDaPhuck

    Apple has always emphasized the point of being able to use the iPhone with one hand. Such a large screen is pretty much shooting themselves on the foot.
    The size of iPhone 5 is prefect. Had a S3 before, and although the bigger screen is really awesome for gaming and videos, its just too big to use comfortably.

  • Mark

    Yes, I understand that the size is measured on an angle. Do you understand that they would have to increase both the length AND width in order to maintain that ratio?

  • Olley

    Hahahahahaha how precious <3

  • K

    IMO, iPhone 5 is too small.

  • WatDah

    Cool, then get something else that fits your needs. 16 months of usage, and I still think iPhone 5 is perfect for me, IMO.