Jimmy Kimmel Prank: People Told Original iPhone is the iPhone 6s [VIDEO]


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Jimmy Kimmel is notorious for pulling some hilarious pranks on Apple customers. His latest has people on the street told to believe the original iPhone from 2007—is actually the new iPhone 6s:

If there’s one thing we’ve learned it’s that Apple fans always go crazy for the new iPhone. But we have a feeling most people don’t really notice the design changes – they just love the new iPhone because it’s the new iPhone. So as an experiment, we dug an original iPhone from 2007 out of a drawer, handed it to people on the street, and told them it was Apple’s newly unveiled iPhone 6S to see what they’d say.

Check it out below—it’s pretty funny (are these people actors?!):

You have to love YouTube commenters:

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The best part of the clip is when people are told “if you have the original iPhone, the new one is free.” Please, tell me this clip is fake. I’m not buying it, Jimmy.


  • Olley

    alright this is getting old and stale…

  • They only used footage from three people who seemed to think it was better than the old one, but they also didn’t seem too confident about it. My guess is that they were on the street for a few hours and those are the best responses they could get from people, which really isn’t much of an achievement. You can ask people anything with a television camera and you’re bound to get a few people who believe that if you have a camera crew there’s a good chance you’re telling the truth.

  • Mac

    I bet an iPhone 6s it’s fake!