PM @JustinTrudeau First Canadian Politician to Hit 3 Million Twitter Followers


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has hit a milestone: 3 million followers on Twitter. According to Twitter Canada in a statement to iPhone in Canada, the mark was reached yesterday just after noon PDT.

Justin trudeau twitter

Trudeau is the first Canadian politician to hit 3 million followers; former Prime Minister Stephen Harper is the only other Canadian politician past and present to hit 1 million followers.

Since assuming office, Twitter Canada says Trudeau has gained over two million followers; here’s a timeline of his Twitter accomplishments:

  • 1M followers – 11/13/2015
  • 2M followers – 10/6/2016
  • 3M followers – 3/18/2017

Prime Minister Trudeau’s three most retweeted tweets of all-time include the following:

  • #WelcomeToCanada from Jan 2017 – 428K Retweets
  • #BellLetsTalk from Jan 2017 – 106K Retweets
  • #WelcomeToCanada from Jan 2017 – 98K

Below, Twitter Canada has detailed the top five active and most followed politicians in Canada:

  • Justin Trudeau (@JustinTrudeau), Canadian PM – 3M
  • Kevin O’Leary (@kevinolearytv), CPC leadership candidate – 636K
  • Norm Kelly (@norm), Toronto city councillor – 504K
  • Naheed Nenshi (@nenshi), Mayor of Calgary – 358K
  • Elizabeth May (@ElizabethMay), Green Party leader and MP – 292K

How does our Prime Minister compare to other world leaders? Below are world leaders with 10 million or more followers:

  • Narendra Modi (@narendramodi), Prime Minister of India – 28M
  • Donald Trump (@realDonaldTrump), President of U.S. – 26.7M
  • Pope Francis (@Pontifex) – 10.5M

Twitter has been keeping track of Canadian politicians and their Twitter activity frequently. Last month, it was revealed Toronto Mayor John Tory was the “most mentioned” mayor in Canada.


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