This Large Display ‘iPhone 6’ Concept Looks Nice [PICS]


Last month, Ciccarese Design shared an ‘iPhone 6? concept based on the iPod nano form factor, which ran a fusion operating system of iOS and OS X called ‘iOSX’. Today, it has posted a new ‘iPhone 6’ concept with a larger display of 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch, inspired by the rumours from The Wall Street Journal.

We’re talking about an iPhone 6 flat screen with 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch as the latest rumors of the WSJ.

The resolution of screen allows the icons reorganization on the springboard.

More details are clearly visible from the images.Below you can see their resolutions:

iPhone 6 4.7? 750×1338 px Aspect ratio 16:9

iPhone 6 5.5? 878×1568 px Aspect ratio 16:9

iPhone 5S 4? 640×1138 px Aspect ratio 16:9

Check out the following concept images and share your thoughts with us in the comments section:

IPhone 6 01 cd

IPhone 6 03 cd

IPhone 6 06 cd


  • *sigh*

    Always with the edge-to-edge screen, eh?

  • my thoughts exactly!

  • FragilityG4

    It looks nice except for the edge to edge.

  • nolies

    Funny how you’re now a big screen lover but 3,months ago you hated it. Hypocrites!

  • J Swan

    How will the large screen size affect apps?

  • Anon

    It’s the only way to maximize display area, without increasing width.

  • sully54

    sapphire glass could make an edge to edge display possible as it minimizes the risk of cracking the edge of the display.

    just thinking out loud but I wonder what would happen to apple if they decide to stay with 4 inches for the iPhone 6? I mean, I’m people still seem to be perfectly happy with a 4″ iPhone (as per the results last quarter) but even I have to admit that larger phones are getting harder and harder to ignore, even for apple. I feel like if apple doesn’t do a larger screen size for the iPhone 6, they lose a lot of credibility in the market.

  • I love these Concept pictures. They do the same with our upcoming Android phones and they never come close, iPhones are no different. I really wish it would come true though, sadly it won’t this time around.

  • Shameer Mulji

    Given today’s market realities for mobile devices, Apple would be hurt pretty badly if they didn’t add a bigger-screen option. The sales growth of iPhones are slowing, which means the demand for high-end 4″ iPhones is reaching maturation.
    They need to diversity the line, no two ways about it. Every other Apple product line has more than one choice for a reason. The iPhone is no different.

  • Anon

    The way I see it, they have absolutely nothing to lose by releasing a 4.7-8″ screen, and they’d be stupid not to. I just hope it’s at least a 1080P display to match.

  • Kirk

    I agree with you Ryan… I hate the edge to edge display concept… It doesn’t feel practical to me… It just needs to die…

  • I like it