Martin Hajek Posts Renders of Apple’s Rumoured 15-inch MacBook Pro [PICS]



Designer Martin Hajek has posted concept images of Apple’s rumoured 15-inch MacBook Pro. The concept images shown also use OS X concept images by Andrew Ambrosino.


The concept images show a design similar to Apple’s latest 12-inch MacBook. In addition, the concept of the 15-inch MacBook Pro has been outfitted with 3 USB-C ports in a Rose Gold colour.

As expected, Apple made no reference to Macs during its event earlier this week, where the company announced the 4-inch iPhone SE and 9.7-inch iPad Pro. According to recent reports, Apple will update its 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pros in July.


What do you think of Hajek’s concept images of the rumoured 15-inch MacBook Pro? Let us know in the comments below.


  • kennymatic

    A little uninspiring?

  • Jake

    weird proportions on the keyboard. (So much space between the keyboard and screen) It will presumably match their existing layout:

  • ShaBi

    Copy. Paste. Change color. Done.

  • Not a fan of this concept..

    I don’t think the 15 inch Macbook Pro will not have fans as the powerful GPU requires cooling that passive heatsink can’T provide.. might be the reason it can’t be so thin… unless they decide to water cool the Mac which would be very cool!

    I agree with Jake that keyboard layout has too much space around it and looks awkward…

    I believe the Pro device will have 4 USB C ports (2 on each side)… Add to that the headphone port..

    Rose gold looks so bad on a laptop IMHO!

    good attempt but does not hit the mark!

  • Mike Harm

    The 15 is totally disproportionate… Maybe a 17 would be that big and require all that extra palmrest and hinge header, but the 15 just isn’t THAT gigantic, and there’s definitely going to be MORE than just USB-C/TBolt3 Ports on the sides of a Pro…

    My guess is we’ll get the keyboard as put out for the iMacs (the new butterfly design) and we’ll get a side port view that looks just like what we have today except instead of MiniDP for T-Bolt, we’ll have two delightful little USB-C Ports.

    Debate able on the Pros if they’ll give up MagSafe, as they don’t really want to push 60+Watts across Type C… I vote that MagSafe stays as the users of heavier machines will cry foul if that “feature” is removed… Though MS2 is a little TOO loosely in my opinion…

    Also not sure about Rose Gold and Gold for the Pros… I can totally see a Space Grey and Silver, or maybe even a Silver, SG, and Gold, but Rose just seems too “consumer” for me and the Pro notebook market isn’t as mass market as the MacBook or the Pads/Phones so I’m betting there will be limits… Much like we didn’t see a 12.9″ iPad Pro with the golds, we likely won’t see a MacBook Pro 13 or 15 with it…

    On the topic of the MB Airs, I think they’re done for honestly… A Retina Air would just be either a MacBook or 13 Pro with a LITTLE less base body… Not relevant and the 13 pro cost has come down significantly and they offer some affordable options and with the 12″ being roughly the size of the 11″ Air (only Retina) the lineup is still end-to-end complete.

    It’s telling that even on the iPad side the “Air” moniker is going the dodo way…

  • FragilityG4

    Stop posting this guys garbage.