MBNA Canada “Working Hard” to Enable Apple Pay, No ETA Yet


Now that we have all Big 5 Canadian banks on board with Apple Pay, it’s a race to see smaller players adopt the mobile wallet. We know Tangerine is coming by the end of July and National Bank confirmed earlier today Apple Pay is coming, but what about MBNA Canada?

Back in 2011, TD acquired MBNA’s Canadian credit card business from Bank of America, the former being the largest issuer of MasterCards in the country at the time.

TD launched Apple Pay support yesterday, and MBNA Canada has again reiterated to customers on Twitter they’re “working hard” to get the mobile wallet up and running:

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We have an MBNA MasterCard, so we’re looking forward to seeing support for Apple Pay. What about you?

Thanks @acwyau, @stanvx


  • John

    Hopefully MBNA MasterCard comes out soon. On another note CIBC MasterCard has some issues with Petro Points, so I wonder if Mastcard at MBNA has some sort of issue.

  • Cornfed710

    I just want Rogers Bank and PC to get on board.

  • Sam Dion

    Meanwhile, I never got any of my cards (BMO and TD) past verification.

  • What error messages are you seeing?

  • Sam Dion

    TD does not let me add to Apple Pay at all. BMO, when I click to verify in their app, says I have no cards waiting verification for Apple Pay. Retried each multiple times. I imagine a call to both might fix the issue.

  • Hahaha

    How about Capital One, and Chase Visa? Surprised that these 2 American companies are so inactive to launch Apple Pay in Canada.