Microsoft Office For iPad Reportedly Coming Sooner Than Expected



A new report from ZDNet suggests that Microsoft will be bringing its Office productivity suite to the iPad “sooner than most think.” Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet reports that many sources have indicated that Office for iPad may even arrive before the “touch first” Windows version. 

The productivity suite has been rumoured for a couple of years now, but we have yet to receive any announcements or confirmation from Microsoft as to when the product will be launched. Office for iPad, codenamed “Miramar” will reportedly be launched to consumers before Microsoft’s Metro-style versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote, which have been codenamed “Gemini.”

But I hear Ballmer and the senior leaders of the company may have had a change of heart towards the end of last year. According to one of my contacts, Ballmer OK’d the suggestion by the Office team that they’d bring Office for iPad to market as soon as it was ready, even though that would likely mean before the Windows 8 version. I’m hearing that new date for Office for iPad is some time in the first half of calendar 2014. (My sources last summer were hearing Office for iPad wouldn’t debut until Fall 2014.)

It is still unclear when Office for iPad will arrive, but it will presumably require a subscription to Office 365. The suite of productivity applications may also be integrated with the company’s OneDrive cloud storage. Currently, Microsoft offers an iPhone app that offers viewing and limited editing capabilities, but it requires an Office 365 subscription.

Microsoft officials have denied to comment on anything to do with Office for iPad.


  • Stewart

    If its upto Ballmer, he’ll screw it up like he did everything else at Microsoft. That guy is a total moron. Only an idiot like him would takeaway the start button and expect people with workstations to bend over and swipe there metro screens? Even Apple knew that was a dumb idea and that’s why they have IOS for swipe screens and a proper OS on Apple computers!

    Ballmer has ruined Microsoft !

  • Cue video of Ballmer laughing at the original iPhone in 3…2…1

  • Stefan

    I agree. I used to be a Windows guy but Microsoft continued to fail in my eyes year after year. And it is mainly because of that moron. How could a man with such personality and ignorance become a CEO?

  • Anon

    Also not too fond of metro for the desktop, but you get used to it. It’s fine for tablets though.

  • Anon

    Running OSX? If so, I think that is even worse IMHO, especially when it comes to multi-monitor setups. Linux would be the only step up.