More Early iPhone 4 Video and Picture Samples


It seems like some iPhone 4s have made it out into the wild and sample videos and pictures are turning up on the net. The latest iPhone 4 video samples and images come from a Czech site. Actual images of the iPhone 4, sample images from the 5MP camera, and a short video were posted online.

Since there have been iPhone 4 delays, it looks like user reviews might be delayed but next week they should be all over the net. For us in Canada, we might have to wait a bit longer. Take a look at these pics below and soak it up:

Here are some sample images from the iPhone 4 (these pictures look pretty sharp to me):

…and a sample video:

Can’t wait for the iPhone 4 to hit Canada. What I’m excited about is being able to buy factory unlocked iPhones direct from Apple Stores. Just a bit more patience and you’ll have the next iPhone in your hands. Or, maybe you can start waiting in line now like this guy.



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  • Half_Pint

    Any links to the full resolution photos?

  • Check out the link below and visit the original site.

  • asdmd

    Can't wait! After a lot of thought and calculations for me buying the unlocked version seems to be the best route. I feel you pay the same amount either way. You can pay upfront, have a totally unlocked phone and have the option of travelling and still using your iphone (as long as you can get the microsim). Or you can get a cheaper rate with your carrier and be with them for 3 years. I think its def. a personal and individual choice, im just happy we have the option and don't have to wait for programs to unlock!

  • KaMikA

    So are the iPhones only unlocked from Apple directly, or are they subsidized too from Rogers/Bell/Telus/Fido/Etc? Because whats stopping me from exchanging mine under warranty if I get one from Telus for one at the Apple store to get an unlocked one?

  • If it's like the other countries that have both locked an unlocked phones you will get what you bought. Apple can tell by the serial number who sold it and what programming it had. just like how you cant take a rogers phone in and get a telus one back.

  • The only way the big service providers will ever lower their price plans is when MORE people decide to pay the full price for the phones. When you don't have a contract and you have one of the newer phones, you have so many options. I know people who still have to pay a System Access Fee because they have a contract. Rogers has said they will continue to lock their phones, its the only card they have left. I haven't heard about the others.