New Apple TV Launches at Apple Stores in Canada [Confirmed]


Apple has launched new Apple TV sales today in Canada and the USA. We can confirm Apple Stores in Canada are selling the device today, after speaking with the location in Halifax that opened an hour ago local time. A previous report confirmed U.S. stores would sell the device at launch today and now you can expect your local store will do the same.

The company also sent out an email to customers this morning to note “The future of television is here.”

Apple tv future tv

Yesterday, early Apple TV orders already started shipping for customers. You can expect these initial apps to be found in Canada when you unbox and launch your new Apple TV today. Some of you that ordered online probably will want to pick one up locally, which should not be a problem as online returns are free with Apple.

As for new Apple TV stock at Best Buy, one Halifax location we spoke with said they did not receive any shipments of the device today.

Stores in Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa are set to open within the next thirty minutes or so.

Let us know in the comments if you were able to buy a new Apple TV at your local Apple Store.


  • Rio

    Any idea when Bestbuy will get it? I have gift cards I wanna use.

  • We’ve contacted Best Buy PR and they will update us when they are available.

  • I’m planning to go to Downtown Montreal store around 11am…. I’m still not sure which one to buy 32 or 64…. Will update more when I’m back from the store.

  • Jesse

    if your ordered it online and want to return it. Is it pretty seamless?

  • Yes it’s easy, you set it up online and UPS will come pick it up from your home (but this means waiting at home during the pick up window).

  • Steve K

    I believe in the past I have also just dropped off the return at the local UPS store.

  • Parksy

    I’ve returned online purchases directly to the Apple Store too.

  • Jesse

    Awesome I might actually do that then. Well depending on what the window periods are!

  • Maxime Pouliot

    Juste went to best buy here in Quebec and no Apple TV

  • Ryan Goodfellow

    I was just there. they definitely have them in stock. I got a 64. I ordered online, Monday morning @ 9:15AM. Shipped last night. UPS won’t deliver until Tuesday. Needless to say, that was unacceptable so I went to the Apple store as soon as it opened.

  • Derek Kraneveldt

    Still preparing for shipment (ordered before 7AM PST on Monday).

    Might just pick up in store after work and return the sealed one when it comes!

  • C Pak

    I picked up 3 32GB and one 64GB plus the SteeleSeries Nimbus Wireless Controller. I can’t wait to try the new Apple TV.

  • Om3r

    I have bestbuy gift card to spend. Wondering when they will receive

  • Just back from the Downtown Montreal Apple Store (11:30am) with my brand new Apple TV. They have 2 tv with Apple TV on to test and try…. and they have a display with a few boxes. The 32Gb seems to be more popular… but not craziness in store about it. If you want one, you shouldn’t have any trouble to walk in and get one 🙂

  • Jesse

    Did they say anything about returns your online one in store? Or are you just going to do the free return shipping?

  • bionicmonk

    Just picked up two 32gbs from the Eaton Centre Apple Store.

  • Jesse

    Just clicked return under my order online and it also gave me the option to bring it to the Apple Store for a refund or exchange. So that’s perfect!

  • Ryan Goodfellow

    yeah the guy said just to bring it back to the store and it’s no problem. that made me happy because i never want to deal with UPS.

  • Jesse

    Yeah that’s awesome! My parents are coming to town this weekend (from Vancouver) so I ordered one for them so they can save on the taxes since I’m in Alberta, but then I realized it wasn’t going to be delivered until after Nov 4th and it was already “preparing for shipment”. So I’ll go run to the store after work and grab one!

  • faythebest

    Apple Store Fairview Mall has in-stock!

  • Crosseyedmofo

    fairview point claire or north york 🙂

    (bought mine at fairview north york)

  • faythebest

    Yes forgot to mention that, North York!

  • Lol

    Why do you need so many? Just showing off or you just have that many hours to lose in your life ?

  • C Pak

    The 4 were for 3 houses. I was buying them for two other people plus me.

  • Sinochick

    Gary, any chance you could do a post listing all the available apps for us Canadians? Thanks!