Nothing Announced Yet, But Apple Store Lines Have Already Started [PIC]


This is just a little silly.

Now, I’m not one to balk at people for lining up for things early. Heck, at last year’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus launch I waited outside of an Apple store for 17+ hours, only to not get a phone. I also camp outside my local Toys ‘R Us almost monthly when Nintendo launches new Amiibo figures.

But I don’t really have a word to describe this aside from silly (ridiculous? pointless?).

We all know full well that Apple has a huge event tomorrow morning. We’ll for sure see new iPhones, we’ll probably see a new Apple TV, and we might even see an iPad, but it’s almost guaranteed that none of those things will launch tomorrow, and are likely a couple of weeks away at best.

That hasn’t stopped a Sydney resident from setting up a tent outside of their local Apple store.

Apple line

Just how long are they planning to stay there? And how can someone who has the time to camp outside of a store for weeks afford the item they’re camping for? This however, looks like a marketing stunt, based on the banner on top of the tent.

Crazy, huh? What’s the longest you’ve camped out for something? Are you planning to camp outside of an Apple store any time soon? Sound out below, and be sure to stay tuned for all of tomorrow’s ‘Hey Siri’ event coverage!


  • Must be nice for those people to have no jobs. lol

  • Arcsvibe

    I was thinking the same thing! Come on, seriously!

  • xxxJDxxx

    I would imagine with a big enough product launch you could turn around and sell your place in line for big $$’s. Might be worth it if you’re already unemployed.

  • Because new Apple TV! Lol

  • runner

    The guy got exactly what he wanted, attention. Over on mashable, it shows the guy sitting next to a board with his business website. He is getting free publicity for camping out. Smart marketing move!
    Based on previous Apple launches, most that camp out this early are either advertising their own product or services or selling the spot in line.

  • Jamie Stein

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  • Really ???? WOW…. I did wait in line for 12-18h in the past for iPhone 4 (I think) and the iPad 2… but back then, no preorder was available. So it was worth waiting to get the first ones on Day 1…. And it was so amazing to meet fun people… Something to do once….

    But now, with pre-orders…. I don’t see the point… Did pre-order my iPhone 6plus and my Apple Watch on the second they were available to pre-order… and got them on day 1…. and plan to do the same with my new iPhone 6s plus. But unless you can’t pre-order… or try to reserve and pick in the store (did that for my iPad Air 2).

    The whole “let’s camp in advance” or “be the 1st” is often now a marketing stunt about small company who want people to talk about them….

  • Yeah, online pre-order is the best thing ever. Waiting in line was fun (once) but I’ll never do it again.

  • I waited for the iPhone 4 myself at Pacific center mall in Vancouver about 8 hours. I’m thrilled same way, was nice to meet all the people, but I’d never do it again either.

  • U do it once… and it’S cool…
    Will always remember the iPad 2… was in April… and April in Montreal can be not too warm… but was fun!

    Now I rather wake up very early on the preorder day!

  • No way, I waited in line there too, but did the overnight thing from 3pm to 7am. Met some great people and IIC readers, but man it was hard on the body.

  • I remember. Heh I followed your twitter updates and pictures while in line heh