Ontario Distracted and Impaired Driving Fines Increase to a Maximum of $1,000



A new Ontario law increases the fines for some offences for drivers in the province. Drivers who text while behind the wheel could face a maximum fine of up to $1,000 and gain three demerit points.

Cyclists who do not have proper lights or reflectors could face fines up to $500. The law would also permit the use of red flashing lights on bicycles.

The bill will also allow cyclists to ride on shoulders of provincial highways and it will enable more cities to install contraflow lanes (bicycle lanes that run in the opposite direction of one-way streets). By doing so, the government hopes to encourage more people to ride their bikes.

Drivers who “door” other cyclists and those driving under the influence (impaired under any circumstance) will also face much stiffer fines under Ontario’s new driving laws. The law also prevents skateboarders from hitching a ride from a moving car.

The new law passed third reading Tuesday morning and will soon be signed into law. The new distracted driving penalties rank among the toughest in the world.

[via National Post]


  • Michal

    step in right direction! but i’m afraid people will still text / phone while driving… 🙁

  • erth

    all we need now, is somebody to enforce these laws, which btw, is almost impossible. and i think that people who text should be banned from driving for a specific amount of time, maybe 7 days. this will get the message across.

  • FragilityG4

    Wait a minute … Please clarify the part where cyclist can ride on the shoulders of highways … Are we talking 400 series highways or main roads designated as highways (ie Highway 7)

    I love how government today keeps catering to the minority. Cyclist have all the power … Funny how the majority is the new minority … But that’s the Liberals for you.

  • dudemaster

    The speed limits on the 400 series highways outside of city limits need to be increased. That way people will be less bored while driving & pay more attention to driving as opposed to a phone or Apple Watch.