Over 1,000 McDonald’s Locations Offer Free WiFi To Canadians!


This week, McDonald’s Canada has announced that 1,000 restaurant locations now feature free Wi-Fi, courtesy of Bell Mobility. By the end of May, McDonald’s forecasts to have a total of 1,400 locations providing free wireless Internet access!

By month’s end, more than 90 per cent of the company’s 1,400 plus locations nationally will be enabled with the new service, making McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada one of the country’s largest providers of free Wi-Fi.

McDonald’s Canada is pleased to offer free Wi-Fi together with Bell and to rely on their expertise as Canada’s largest retail hotspot provider.

Like the deal between Starbucks and Bell, McDonald’s/Bell Wi-Fi offers users a single-click sign-in with no time limits or purchase requirements. 100% totally free Wi-Fi.

Whether you have an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Blackberry, or whatever other Wi-Fi enabled device, it’s free Wi-Fi for all!


  • Quantumfluxx

    Havent they offered free wifi from mcdonalds for years? I know I’ve been using it for a while on road trips.

  • Kev


  • Reianz

    McDonald’s only offered free wifi at certain locations in the past, now they offer up to 90% free wifi to the Canadian population.

  • Drocass

    A Lot of mc Ds around here already have free wifi… Well not totally free I guess, they make you buy something before they release the password to you. The ones around here in surrey anyways, I can’t say for the others.

    Dose this mean no password required anymore? Wifi squatters a thing of the future? Lol

  • Ex

    Yep! Just like Starbucks. 🙂

    The McD near Krispy Kreme (Delta) is a busy place for free wifi!

  • Drocass

    Nice, I will keep that in mind. Futureshops and bestbuys are great for
    that too. When you want to price match right there in the store lol

    When I go there I always walk right to the apple section and price
    match using the display MacBook pros lol they try to disable the wifi
    by removing the options but if you know the Mac well you can just
    re-enable it because the wifi saves to the keychain lol

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