Pebble appstore Launches for iOS on Monday, February 3


Pebble has announced their smart watch appstore will be launching on Monday, February 3 for iOS users first at 10AM PST, which will give its users a taste of what over 10,000 developers have been able to create thanks to the Pebble 2.0 SDK announced last November.

Pebble appstore

There will be over 500 apps and faces available once the Pebble appstore goes live, with downloads being managed from the Pebble iOS app, which will soon receive an update.

To manage your appstore downloads, the new Locker feature within the Pebble app will easily store and manage sending apps and watch faces to your watch (which can store 8 watch apps max). iOS users can expect to see four major new partner apps coming from GoPro, Yelp, iControl and Foursquare.

Pebble locker

The company debuted its new Pebble Steel smart watch at CES 2014, a new higher-end steel version of the original in a new thinner design. You can check out a review of the Pebble Steel and the new 2.0 firmware below via SlashGear

Who’s excited for the new Pebble appstore?


  • Chris Zhu

    Can’t wait 😀

  • Should a great way to make our Pebbles even better.

  • Arcsvibe

    Finally! I am sure it will bring the Pebble to the next level. Can’t wait!

  • Jazz Bo

    Maybe they should work on making sure the watch works properly first. I’ve had mine since Christmas and I’m having frustrating issues with the screen. There are countless others with the same issue and the Pebble support system have yet to come up with a fix. There are people, who after sending their watch in on an RMA, getting a replacement back only to find that the new, repaired or refurbished watch begins to have the same issue.

    I want to love my watch, but they are making it quite difficult.

    Lets hope the 2.0 firmware comes with good news.

  • tfehr

    So… where is it? It’s supposed to be a part of a new version of the Pebble app, but I don’t see an update on the AppStore.

    Which brings to mind a couple of questions:
    1.) How are they using the term AppStore? Isn’t that a closely guarded trademark by Apple?

    2.) How are they charging money for apps (assuming there are non-free apps available)? I thought that was against Apple’s terms of service for apps.

    I guess we can assume the fine folks at Pebble are paying Apple a pile o’ money…