Pebble Unveils Red Pebble Time Model, Final Charger Design



On Monday, Pebble shared previews of the Pebble Time’s user interface. Today, the company has released a new update that includes final production samples of the Red Pebble time and the finalized Pebble Time charger.


The company says that final production samples of the device arrived earlier this week (as seen in the image above). Pebble reminds us that you can change the colour selections of the Pebble Time you ordered from your Kickstarter Reward Portal. Here is a first look at the new Red version of the Pebble Time:

Pebble has also unveiled final versions of the Pebble Time’s magnetic USB charging cable. Now that the cable design is finalized, the company has published its 3D print file on Github. Here is a first look at the Pebble Time charging cable:

The company has also released one more video reminder for everyone today. Be sure to check out the video below.

Pebble has also announced the first winner of the company’s Timeline Challenge. Eric Phillips did an amazing job designing Battery+, which is an app that generates intelligent battery life predictions.


  • Léon

    Looks even more like a toy than the original Pebble watch which I own but don’t use. I’m sure it’s an improvement in terms of functionality but they went in the wrong direction with the design. I’m not sayin it’s ugly but can’t help but think of electronics for kids at Toys’R’Us.

  • Stefan

    So true. That is the only problem I have with pebble and that is probably why I won’t be buying the new one. I m still considering the Apple Watch, but I cannot justify its price.

  • GS

    My thoughts exactly.

  • Z S

    The photos of the red made me switch my choice from red to black. Still looking forward to getting my Pebble Time, but I’m not fussy on the shade of red they went with.