Pokémon Go Usage Already Showing a Downward Trend


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According to Axiom Capital Management, Pokémon Go usage has reached its peak and is already showing a decline (via Bloomberg). The smash-hit game’s daily active users, downloads, engagement, and time spent on the app per day are all well off their peaks and on a downward trend, as shown by latest data from Sensor Tower, SurveyMonkey, and Apptopia.

As such, investors and executives at Facebook Inc., Instagram, Tinder (Match Group Inc.), Twitter Inc., and Snapchat can breathe a sigh of relief, says Senior Analyst Victor Anthony. “Given the rapid rise in usage of the Pokémon Go app since the launch in July, investors have been concerned that this new user experience has been detracting from time spent on other mobile focused apps,” he writes.

“The declining trends should assuage investor concerns about the impact of Pokémon Go on time spent on the above named companies,” writes Anthony.

The analyst highlights that if these declines persist, they would not only affect the popularity of Pokemon Go, but augmented reality gaming in general as well. He also points out that Google Trends data is already showing declining interest in augmented reality, whereas interest in virtual reality remains high.

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Have you lost interest in hunting Pokémon yet?


  • karinatwork

    Yep. Level 21 now, but only because I spent two weeks in Europe this summer. Where I live, in this rural area there is nothing to do in Pokemon Go. Unless you live in an area with tourist attractions or a big city, Pokemon Go is a total bore.

  • MrBambinoDent

    Even living in a big city but not towards the centre means you won’t get that much action!

  • karinatwork

    In my opinion that’s the main issue with the game. It’s too unevenly spaced out. I figured, if you live in a very densely populated area, there should be a certain amount of Pokestops and hence, Pokemon creatures to capture. However, we live in a residential area of over 7,000 people in a relatively small area, and there is one Pokestop. Period. It just doesn’t make sense.

  • brararsh

    Installed it, reached Level 5, chose a team and havent opened the app for 20 days now.

  • MrBambinoDent

    Well, here in Calgary if you wanna get some good Pokemons you need to go downtown for optimal usage of your time! It’s not as bad as your situation but still not the best!
    I’m not saying that I’m not enjoying the game, cause I am!

  • karinatwork

    Well, I do too… but I enjoy it more when traveling. 🙂

  • Z S

    A lot of people hopped on the bandwagon when it went viral, so it’s not surprising that there’s a downward trend. The enthusiasts are still playing. And Niantic still has features to implement. And I suspect they have events planned for Legendaries.

    And there’s still 6 more generations of Pokemon not in the game.

  • CMfly

    Still playing but most people I know have stopped. Without being able to track new pokemon it is pretty boring getting the same few over and over again. Spending the weekend in a different city does make it interesting again but how often can people do that?

  • Same here. Had to reach level 5 to see what that was about. Haven’t had time to walk around and catch Pokemon. Too busy eating double cheeseburgers in front of my Mac instead.