Police in British Columbia are Using Interesting Methods to Catch Distracted Drivers


According to a report from CBC News, drivers in British Columbia are seeing tougher distracted driving laws that give police the ability to ticket even if they see a driver touching or looking down at their phone.

Masoud Jahani was shocked when he got a ticket for simply plugging in his phone to charge while stopped at a red light. Jahani ended up spending $700 to appeal his ticket, however, he lost due to the strict distracted driving laws in the province. In a statement, he said:

“How does this stop distracted driving? I’m exhausted. I’m not sure I’ll take it further now.”

The penalty for distracted driving in the province has increased in 2016 from $167 to $286 and four demerit points.

Police have said that catching distracted drivers is actually really easy because they are distracted. Officers are starting to pose as construction workers and window washers to get a good look at the driver. After several months of doing this, the RCMP said that the operations were successful.

Police departments across Canada are urging drivers to put down their devices when they are driving and keep their eyes and focus on the road.


  • Marco

    I still see so many people using their phones while stopped at a red light…

  • Dansk

    I’m totally against distracted driving, but a ticket for plugging in your phone to me is over the top. I actually think actions like that make people more bitter to efforts to stop actual distracted drivers.

  • Victorious Secret

    Just LOOKING at your phone and not touching it can get you a ticket?????

    How’s that different from getting lunch through a drive through and being distracted by getting the food out of the bag on the passenger seat???

  • Big Macs are dangerous too!!

  • Quattro

    I saw a cop standing outside an exit ramp from one of the bridges, downtown, and looking over the edge when cars would come by. I’m not describing that very well. Basically, drivers coming off the ramp wouldn’t notice him because only his head would be visible if you happened to be looking at the guard rail. And I can only assume he was taking note of distracted drivers.