Rdio Launches 6 Months of Free Music Streaming in Canada


Rdio has announced today its plans to offer Canadians free music streaming for up to six months for new users, with no credit card required for the trial. Users will be able to access their library of over 18 million songs without ads to stream over the web.

If you work from your Mac or PC throughout the day this is an awesome way to bring music into the day, according to Rdio:

This is a huge step in Rdio being essential to Canada’s evolution in digital music discovery and it’s perfect timing with so many of us cooped up inside in need of a little musical inspiration.

Do note the trial is only free for web streaming, whereas Rdio has a $9.99/month paid option for unlimited web, mobile streaming and wireless syncing to listen offline. Users will be able to track how much music they’ll be able to stream via a meter once logged in.

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The benefits of Rdio is the ability to create and curate playlists with their vast library, which is something we are unable to do with free rival Songza. Let us know if you’re going to check out Rdio–the extensive library makes it great for music lovers and this extended trial looks to be a decent opportunity to give it a try.

Last November, Rdio announced the 2.0 launch of their redesigned iPhone app. TELUS customers have been able to subscribe to Rdio straight from their accounts since the summer of 2011.


  • Is there any way to confirm the 6-month free trial or see when it expires? I just signed up, and I’m able to match my collection (although only a small fraction actually shows up). I can stream over the web, and I haven’t paid anything. I just can’t find anywhere that shows me that I’m on a free trial.

  • There should be a counter in the upper status bar area that shows how many ‘free’ songs are left each month. Did it ask for a credit card during sign up?

  • chriswtburke

    pretty sure I just got charged $14.99.. and I’m not even getting 6 months free.. as it says my subscription is up in February.. what the heck???

  • I only got 7 days when I signed up yesterday..

  • Ashley

    Same here 🙁

  • Just to confirm.. I WAS charged $14.99.. AND I only have 1 month

  • Did it ask for credit card during sign up? That is weird.

  • chriswtburke

    it charged me through iTunes and my Apple ID… I then had to log into my iTunes account through the app store, and select manage subscriptions” and turn off auto renew so it didn’t charge me again next month.. I’m going to contact rdio once I get a chance and see why I got charged for 1 month, instead of getting 6 months for free.. i feel duped..

  • The free 6 months is for web streaming, not through the app. So I believe sign ups must be required on a computer on their website.