Rogers Teases “Most-Anticipated” LTE Device Coming, Up to 150Mbps–iPhone 5S? [u]


Rogers has sent out an email to its customers teasing “anticipation like never before” for what it describes as the newest LTE device set to debut in September:

The most-anticipated new LTE device of the year is coming this September. And only Rogers subscribers will have the speed to make the most of it, because Rogers LTE has the fastest speeds in more places with up to 150 Mbps.* Also Rogers gives you and your business a faster wireless experience no other provider can match.

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The timing of the email, which was sent out just past 12 noon PDT today, most likely hints at Apple’s upcoming iPhone event scheduled for tomorrow. As for the mention of LTE speeds up to 150Mbps, that could corroborate previous speculation the iPhone 5S is set to launch with LTE-Advanced.

Back in July, reports cited South Korea’s SK Telecom was in talks with Apple to launch an LTE-A compatible iPhone.

Currently, the Rogers LTE network already supports 150Mbps on its ‘LTE Max’ network, which runs on the 2600 MHz band.

At last year’s iPhone 5 event, Rogers, Telus and Bell along with their subsidiaries were noted at the keynote to support LTE in Canada. If Apple is set to announce LTE-A with the iPhone 5S, our carriers look like they are ready to support faster download speeds and could very well be shown on stage again.

Is this fuel to the fire the iPhone 5S will launch with faster LTE-A download speeds?

Thanks Karan!

Update: Rogers has also sent out mailers teasing the same thing (thanks @JokerEh):



  • DravenInc

    I’ll be reserving the 5S online with Rogers as soon as the system opens up for it…LTE-A would certainly be a nice addition.

  • Step 1: Provide blistering fast download speeds.
    Step 2: Keep data plan allotments artificially low so that data-gulping customers now routinely go over their allotments.
    Step 3: Profit!

    When cellular data plans modernize, having speeds multiple times faster than most people’s home Internet services (but allotments that are but a tiny fraction thereof) seems like nothing more than a recipe for extracting more money from consumers pockets.

  • Don

    Yeah that sucks for most people but I’m not worried, I’m still with my $65 Fab 10 6GB plan. Unlimited calling to 10 numbers of my choice, call waiting, 3 way calling, 200 anytime mins,unlimited weekends/nights after 6pm, unlimited text/picture/video msg’s, 6GB data(including tethering)

    I know some people out there pay much less but I can’t complain with what I’m paying per month, compared with these new plans. These new plans are horrendous and an insult to consumers. $85/month for only 2GB of data with Bell’s Data plus and $75/month again for 2GB for the Data lite. Eveyother plan includes 500MB’s to a staggering 200MB/month. So you can get blazing fast LTE speeds but you can’t do much. So I think my plan is pretty nice for what I’m getting IMO. Looking forward to going back to the iPhone, its been a while. Last iPhone was the iPhone 4, been using a Galaxy Nexus since then. LTE will be a nice addition for me too.

  • Kaitlyn

    They sent this out to old customers too, I got an email this morning saying “A lot has changed since you left” or something like that.

  • Al

    Or you could just use it the same as you always have, but with quicker results. My browsing will be snappier, my Netflix will be without lag, my attachments will download faster… Still the same amount of data I always use.

  • C Pak

    If that plan was with Telus they would not let you keep it and make you take a much more expensive plan to get the same version if you wanted an iPhone 5S.

  • For the consumers who understand that faster consumption translates to faster depletion, that’s fine. The unfortunate truth is that most consumers (probably present company excluded) don’t even understand the basics of kilobytes vs megabytes vs gigabytes, and the faster crap pops up on their phone the more they’ll use it. Heck, most consumers probably don’t have the slightest clue how to even track their monthly data usage – only when the bill comes in (and hopefully, no overage surprises with it) do people even see how much they used.

    The reality is that with fast speeds people consume more. Couple that with the fact that a lot of people are not savvy enough to grasp that just because their YouTube video loaded in 5 seconds instead of 30 doesn’t mean they should spend the next 5 hours watching YouTube videos, and you have a recipe for overages.

    And to suggest that the carriers are not intentionally preying on that is naive at best.

  • ward09

    Yeah I got that e-mail too… “A lot has changed since you left”, but I only left a month ago LOL.

  • Canucks

    That’s the thing I don’t get. If someone is using a high end as well as somewhat high tech device, doesn’t he or she should learn or know how to use it first before buying it? Both the carriers and the users are responsible. The carriers need to educate the customers fully before they leave the stores. The customers need to check their usages.

    That’s why there’s parents showing up on the news crying about high charges. That’s why we see tons of young kids holding iPhones or S3/S4 around watching youtube and streaming like crazy. I am pretty sure they won’t be checking the usages because they are not paying the bills.

  • I received that email as well and I’m an ex-Rogers customer (well, Fido now). Way to keep our emails on the list!

  • reformcanada

    Funny how a company boasts about ultra fast download speeds to encourage more people to use data, yet keeps data caps more pinched than ever.
    I still have the 4S and 3G works great for me, likely cause I live in the city. My plan is capped at 6GB which I got after attempting to leave Telus. LTE is a bonus, but it certainly is not a selling point for me. The amount of data is way more important to me!

  • Don

    Yeah same with Bell but I’m using my Mom’s upgrade, she’s with Bell too and doesn’t need a high end phone for her day to day tasks. All she needs is a phone that works, she’s still using my iPhone 4 so its a win/win really.

  • MikeLu

    I got the same email too and at the bottom it said “We want you back”.

  • Kevin D.

    Thing is, Rogers Runs on 2600mhz for their LTE Max. And the Iphone 5s doesn’t support that for Canada.

  • james braselton

    hi there i have at&t 15 gb mobile acount they did mention up too 50 gb per month soo 150 mb/s is plenty fast