Rogers Increases Prices On Some Share Everything Plans By $5 Per Month



Today, Rogers has announced that it will raise the prices on a few of its Share Everything plans by $5 per month starting on January 12.

New or existing customers purchasing a Share Everything plan with data caps of 5GB, 9GB, or 15GB will pay $5 more tomorrow than they will today. For instance, if you sign up for the 15GB Canada-wide talk and text plan, you will now be paying $165 per month, as opposed to $160.

Rogers currently offers a variety of Share Everything plans, with data caps ranging from 500MB to 60GB. Based on a report from MobileSyrup, it appears that Rogers will only be increasing the price on the three data tiers mentioned above.

The announcements comes just hours after Bell announced that it would be raising the prices of its consumer share plans. Based on historical behaviour, it is likely that Telus will follow suit very shortly.


  • crtc??

    bell announced it this morning and now rogers ..monopoly and the government is not allowing a 4th big player …this is bs

  • Mohammed Al Sarraf

    Pure monopoly

  • KIII

    If you’re on a retention plan how would this work?

  • Mark Holoubek

    Goddamit…it’s not a monopoly it’s collusion. And it (should be) criminal.

  • FragilityG4

    It’s an oligopoly not a monopoly.

  • Widohmaker

    How can the regulators not call Bell and Rogers out on their anti competitive practices. Bizarre!

  • LouisDC

    I must be lucky… I just signed up for a 2-year contract with Rogers this morning! Got 6GB + unlimited calls in Quebec for 72.50$ (with 10% discount for Desjardins members), plus a paid subsciption to Spotify (I was already a paid subscriber, so I save another 10$ per month). Still expensive, but much better than what I was paying before…

  • sidman

    This seems so backwards, prices should be dropping on wireless services. When will Canada ever have a competitive cellphone market?

  • Steve

    Expect a $5 raise on your plan.

  • Ron

    $72 is actually quite high for Quebec. Friend of mine got the same plan as yours for $55.

  • Ron

    We live in Canada. Telco’s can pretty much get away with charging anything they want.

  • LouisDC

    The plan is 55$ per month if you pay for the phone in full, and it’s only 4GB. If I take into account the Desjardins 10% credit and the paid Spotify subscription, I’m paying 62.50$ per month for 6GB. Not bad considering I’m subsidizing the phone.

  • RL

    Why should Government get involve! Higher Rates more TAX! and remember People in the Government is not affected by this only consumers! Government Employees have a special Plan thats only available to them.

  • MrXax

    LOL! Incredible. I left Rogers because their prices were already insane.

  • KIII

    I just told the to keep the free two years of Shomi after they said this was going to happen!!

    All is good now.

  • MleB1

    The Telecoms’ EULAs are, arguably, illegal – they certainly breach Contract Law 101 that is taught to every lawyer. For they to change their rates mid contract *should* be considered a material change in the contract, making it null and void and open to renegotiation. Instead, they say they can do this and if you, as the other Party, disagrees, you are not allowed to walk away without significant penalty.
    If the CRTC, Competition Bureau or Industry Canada won’t do anything about it, there’s quite probably a very good case for a Class Action suit against these ‘contracts’.

  • Corrode


  • hub2

    Quebec also has a Videotron holding national carriers’ feet to the fire. i.e. providing real competition.

  • FragilityG4

    It’s on new contracts not existing contracts. And there is a rule in place that if the telecom changes the terms of the contract you have the one time option to deny said change or leave without penalty. The contracts, in most cases, are worded in a way allowing the telecoms to change the terms with thirty days notice.

  • KIII

    Those are some aspects I hadn’t considered. Good points.

  • LouisDC

    I checked with them and they’re quite aggressive, especially when you have other services with them. They offered a 100$ rebate on the phone (iPhone6S 64GB) if I switched carrier, and they added a 5$ monthly rebate because I had other services. But I got a better deal with Rogers (even if I’m not particularly happy with the coverage in my work area).