Rogers iPhone 4 Upgrade Eligibility Online, Hidden.


Sometimes I read Source Code for fun. Today I was doing just that on the Rogers iPhone 4 site and came across quite a find.

Rogers must be getting ready to announce the upgrade policies for the new iPhone as their site already has all the source code to check your upgrade eligibility. Now, I’m smart enough to know what this code *does* but not smart enough to get it to work. I was going to wait till I could get it working to show you, but I thought it would be better to have our readers give a crack at it. If anyone can figure out how to get this Javascript Function to work, outside the Rogers’ site, please email me (ChantelleJoy[a], tweet me (@ChantelleJoytwt) or comment below – I will gladly update this article and give you full credit. [Updated, see bottom]

Here’s what I’ve found:

Button for Upgrade Check;
(This will appear directly above the iOS 4 Button currently on the page)

The Code for the Button, which is currently hidden in <!– / –> tags.
(I’m having issues posting code here, so this is an image – click to see full size)

The code for the form to enter your phone number is also hidden, however it calls to a Javascript function, which is already written in the Source Code of the page:
Here’s a link to the full Javascript code (in .txt format).

As far as I can tell, the ‘/web/portlets/consumer/campaign/upgradeEligibility.jsp’ that this calls to either doesn’t function yet, or is empty. (Like I said though, I’m no expert).

What we do know is that there are three results you could get after entering your phone number:

Congratulations! You are eligible.
Sorry! You are NOT eligible.
Sorry! You are NOT eligible until after XXX*

(*Function defined here, I assume it will be # of months).

As of posting this, the code can be easily viewed by “View Source” on the Rogers iPhone 4 Page. As far as I can tell, the code doesn’t give any specifics on what the upgrade policies are, but I’m happy to be proven wrong if a reader has a more keen eye than me.


Commenter Adam Simms let us know that if you use Firefox and Firebug you can disable the code that is ‘Hiding’ The Form – and submit your number and get a result. However – it was tested with a phone number that is 100% absolutely going to be approved for upgrade (my own), and it gave the “Sorry! You are NOT eligible.” Result. So its very likely the Javascript function is not hooked up to the Customer Database yet.


Rogers has REMOVED the Button Code that I have in the image above (previously it was just hidden).
However, the button itself is still online:

They have also REMOVED the Form Code, so the info above about using Firebug is no longer valid – the form to enter your phone number is outright Gone. (But not the Javascript for the Form – which obviously does nothing by itself anyways).

Someone read my post, that’s sweet. Hi Rogers! *waves*

I, for one, am excited by this! Hopefully we’ll get news any day now!

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  • as far as I can tell, is expecting a POST parameter named “ctn” that is probably customer telephone number.. any number I’ve tried posting there yields the null response. Even spoofing a HTTP_REFERER of did not yield any non-null response..

  • Libin Pan

    Just type

    Works the same way. If you can get a “YES”, then you are gold.

  • Guest

    Basically when it’s up, you should be able to enter

    and get the raw response

    Does not have any hidden code.
    Doesn’t even have a form! Just the iPhone 4 Apple Presentation.


  • Ian B.

    Yeah, I just checked the code as well and the function that it points to is either stored on a private FTP (at the moment) and cannot be publicly accessible, or simple is not there yet.

    However, it does seem like this is something new so hopefully its coming soon!

  • This might explain why the 'My Rogers' and Fido sites were down the other night!

  • D4Yv3

    Very interesting…
    My money is on this being released in <48 hours, so we'll know soon enough.

  • Ian, thank you! I'm so relieved to hear that I'm not crazy or stupid for not being able to get it working. πŸ™‚

    I'm pretty sure this code hasn't always been there – but I could be wrong. Either way, lets hope we hear something soon.

  • Hitman_188

    i also noticed a code as “preordermain” , it could just be the notifications… or maybe theyre getting ready for pre orders..

  • Ahh, that's just what they seem to be calling the Info Form it's styled as “PreOrderMain” and “PreOrderFormDiv” it's the notifications form. Bummer I got a little excited there.

  • Draz

    Great find! I had a feeling that Rogers was doing something iPhone 4 related

    …now if they can just announce something

  • Wasgo

    The function is hosted, but it's currently returning a null rather than a specific value. Upon enabling the upgrade eligibility form, and the corresponding java code, it submits but currently seems to return a null value.

  • That is the exact issue that I was running into – and not knowing why. I spent waaaay too much time trying to get it to work – glad that it wasn't me – it's the code.

  • Adam Simms

    Actually if you use Firefox and Firebug, you can disable the css style display:none; to get the button/fields to show. Then remove the comments from the JavaScript and the JS works. Upon submitting your phone number it will show if you are eligible or not. However, I'm not sure if the results are correct. Anyone have a number that I can test that they absolutely sure is eligible for an upgrade?

  • I just emailed you my phone number – please do not stalk me. πŸ™‚

  • phil404

    I just tried it and got a result of “Sorry! You are NOT eligible.” The result was instantaneous, leaving me wondering if the application is actually functional, at this point. I would expect such a verification to take at least a second or two.

  • I just tried again using a non-Rogers number and got the same result. My guess is that there is no actual verification occurring at the moment.

  • Thanks for the info! I've updated the post – I guess we're all pretty sure its not functional yet.

  • CuteKitten

    Can you please do one for Telus and Bell? :$

  • Sdaljk

    find the source for the function “CheckEligibility”

  • Hyperextension

    Rogers no longer has the iPhone 4 as one of it's 5 top main page stories!! Wonder what is up.

  • Vartanarsen

    now, the 1st out of 5 is blank…something is afoot!!!

  • Vartanarsen

    oh sorry thats the French version—the 1st page is blank in the french version

  • Fougnian

    It's just the wrong image… if you click on it it bring you to the iphone 4 page.

  • UPDATED POST AGAIN: they've outright removed the Form Code now (except for most of the JavaScript).
    I guess we were getting to close to cracking the case! πŸ˜‰

  • However, the eligibility requirements for the iPhone 4 may be different than that of a regular upgrade (as per last year's 3G > 3GS upgraders).

  • Guess

    Someone read my post, thatÒ€ℒs sweet. Hi Rogers! *waves*

    I actually laughed!!
    Hi Rogers! πŸ˜€

  • Nice work on finding this Chantelle. It's way over my head, but we have some really resourceful readers here to help out. πŸ™‚

  • RyleyLamarsh

    Wow you guys. And I thought I was obsessive….

  • Adrian G Chen

    Rogers pre-order news july 16

  • mackman6151

    lol amazing find πŸ™‚

  • Ted RIP

    This is 100% accurate.

  • Hitman_188

    i also looked at the iphone page , there is some script that says <li id=”pn-buynow”><a href=”/ca/iphone/notifyme.html” title=”Notify Me” class=”replaced notify” onclick=s_objectID=” http:=””“ ca=”” iphone=””>Notify Me</></li
    buy now , and replaced notify ring some bells

  • Aureoloss

    wow this has really got me excited. hopefully by release, we'll know a little more about the antenna situation

  • Lolaguy

    Hahah. Some poor web admin is probably getting hell for this. Nice work guys. πŸ˜›

  • Jjw

    The other thing that explains it is Rogers sites are total, utter complete crap. For a tech company they sure know how to bungle a website

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  • Sherwood411

    Did anyone else use rogers website to check if they are eligible for iPhone4 upgrade by keying in your phone number? I did and it said I was eligible for a $159 upgrade – today iphone was available and I was denied upgrade πŸ™ calling customer service they are saying system glitch πŸ™ not a happy camper!