Rumour: iPhone 5S to Feature 12MP Camera, Improved Night Shooting

The next generation iPhone will sport a 12MP camera and an improved night shooting feature, a source from the Vietnam branch of a Japanese Apple supplier has told


The source reveals that Wonderful Saigon Electrics (WSE) has a facility in Bing Duong, which specializes in providing camera modules for the iPhone. This is the same source that correctly informed the Vietnamese blog last year that the iPhone 5 would have an 8MP camera, not 10MP as initially rumoured.

The Vietnamese blog has been accurate before when reporting Apple rumours: They have posted hands-on videos with the Earpods and have been able to get a hold of pre-release and prototype Apple handsets in the past, like the prototype iPhone and a white iPhone 4 running iOS 4.

While we cannot confirm the authenticity of the source or the information, the 12MP camera seems like a likely step Apple could take with the highly anticipated next generation iPhone, alongside the much needed improvement for low-light shooting compared to the Nokia Lumia, which has ‘better’ low light performance.

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  • Al

    Very plausible with regard to low light shooting. It’s not likely that Apple would stand by and be bettered by a competitor on a feature like that for long.

    I’m not a true expert on this, but I would think that the number of megapixels on a phone will soon become a farce if they attempt to increase them much more. The sensor size is just so small that there is bound to be a point negligible return.

    And a 12mp iPhone camera is not nearly as good as a 12mp P&S camera, which in turn is not nearly as good as a 12mp DSLR.

  • Anthony W

    I think Nokia Lumia 920 and now HTC One are stepping into the right direction for others to follow in regards to camera.

  • Gary

    Low light image wars are ramping up. But really, as we creep into higher megapixels file sizes increase too, which quickly saps up free space. Interesting play by the One.