Samsung Celebrity Tweets Love for Galaxy S4 from his iPhone



David Ferrer, a Spanish tennis player tweeted to his 360K followers his love for the Samsung Galaxy S4. But there was a tiny little problem: he accidentally used his iPhone instead of the Samsung device.

Ferrer tweeted, “I am so glad my new # GalaxyS4 cn, S Health configuring my new # GalaxyS4 to help with training. @ Samsungmobile”. While there is nothing wrong with tweeting about S Health configuration, he didn’t notice that he is using his iPhone, instead of the aforementioned Galaxy S4. Could the two devices be too similar?

So the tweet ended up labelled as “via Twitter for iPhone”.

The mistake was spotted almost immediately and the tweet was deleted and replaced, but not before the message was reported by the Spanish Edition of the Huffington Post (via AppleInsider).

Samsung is a sponsor of the Mutua Madrid Open tennis tournament beginning this weekend.

Does this situation sound familiar? A similar thing happened with Alicia Keys, BlackBerry’s new spokesperson, who said during the BlackBerry 10 event that she has broken up with her other phone (you can guess what it was) and now exclusively uses a BlackBerry. Turned out she has been posting from her iPhone.


  • WatDah

    I’ve always wondered…. How does the press almost always immediately knows who tweeted what? Do they hire people to constantly watch over 1000s of celebrities’ accounts?

  • Jason

    Ive wondered the same thing. And have and use twitter.

  • Celebs with tonnes of followers have their fans see what they tweeted and how they did it. Then it is forwarded to the press in seconds.

  • i believe this guy got tire of the litlle screen of his iPhone and now he bougth the GS4. I’m not a star and just did that . i really don’t see a problem if i own both sending tweets from my iPhone 5 or SG4

  • FragilityG4

    I think the punch line is that if the S4 was as good as he’s paid to say it is, he wouldn’t have the iPhone at all let alone tweet from it.

  • voodoo_ca

    I think the biggest point is that he is being paid to say stuff about Samsung – when thats the case, you dont do that from your iPhone… lol

  • I suspect that all these celebs have been so use to using their iPhones for tweeting, and yes its not the size of a small tablet so actually portable, that they stick with what they know. And seriously how many of celebs actually use the products they endorse? Its just easier to actually know what products they use now. I am sure they both would of loved to be sponsored by Apple. Also, they often sign these deals before actually seeing, or using the product.

  • He posted it from an ipad not an iphone

  • It clearly says “Twitter for iPhone”. I believe the screenshot of this was taken from an iPad.