Samsung Explains How Hard it is to Build Galaxy Alpha’s Metal Frame

Last week, Samsung unveiled its supposed “iPhone 6 killer”, the Galaxy Alpha sporting metal sides with chamfered edges, which appears to be a direct copy of Apple’s iPhone 5/5s design. Now, BGR is reporting that the Korean company’s marketing team is already hard at work trying to explain how awesome the design of Galaxy Alpha is and “how incredibly hard it is” to create such a high-quality device.

Samsung galaxy alpha

Samsung has explained in detail how the metal frame of the Galaxy Alpha is carved, cut and painted, focusing on quality and iconic features, especially the device’s “signature curved corners” that buyers should really be aware of. Once the metal frame is finished, the “display is seamlessly connected to the frame’s shine edge”, apparently using a process similar to the design process of iPhone 5/5s.

“Here is something you already know, the Galaxy Alpha features a metal frame with curved corner,” Samsung starts its essay on the Galaxy Alpha’s build quality. “The Galaxy Alpha has redefined Samsung’s design aesthetics in many ways; and not surprisingly, it required advanced design techniques and compact construction.”

“The development and testing process can be very long and challenging in order to produce high-quality devices that meet the needs of consumers worldwide”. Nothing, however, is said about the plastic rear shell, which surely must somehow be added to the phone during manufacturing.”

Unsurprisingly, Samsung’s marketing post contains almost nine “metal” references, but none about the device’s rear plastic.

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  • Maxx

    I like ke the design a lot actually. Keeping the plastic/fabric like back was a great idea, as the expandable memory and removable battery is one of the advantages it has over the iPhone. I find it funny how pro iphone articles try to create the appearance that the flexible’ easily replaceable backs are a week point in the design, when its actually genius. I really like my iphone 5 and the design of it, i wouldn’t go as far as saying “direct copy” of iphones design, when you can really only make so many variations of a metal edge, and even here the edge still is different. Besides i feel the iphone 6 is extremely ugly and had the same design cues from Samsung’s old Galaxy S3 series.. which is ugly. In fact in would go as far as saying iPhone is adding more and more Android like software and appearance every year, which makes me upset. Apple make amazing products, which have manufactured parts by LG and Samsung in them, bit the market is all cut and paste ideas of each other. I congratulate Samsung on this phone and hipe it is as successful as they hope it will be.

  • FragilityG4

    Samsung PR … Without proofreading.

  • Maxx

    I own an iPhone 5 you idiot. You would of known that if you did proof read it. Good job

  • Anon

    The iPhone 6 hasn’t even been released yet, so how can you say it’s ugly?

  • FragilityG4

    I read your post, as difficult as it was considering the amount of spelling and grammatical mistakes.
    I find it hard to believe that someone who speaks so highly of Samsung would own an iPhone 5; but anything is possible I guess … Maybe you are the idiot??
    By the way you might want to look up the meaning of “proofread” since you misused used it in your post … Good news is if you do in fact have an iPhone 5, it is equipped with a dictionary … You might want to use it going forward … Just a suggestion.

  • tshan

    if the alpha had better specs like the s5 then i would take this phone any day. but to be honest, I’m underwhelmed with the rumours and leaks of the iphone 6. i was expecting more features and better improvements but the only major difference is a bigger screen which supposedly doesn’t even have a 1080p resolution.

  • The6ee6

    I think what Maxx is trying to say is that according to the currently “leaked” schematics and back cases, the SUSPECTED design is disgusting. It truly is. I personally believe apple wont actually go with that horrible backwards design because they are all about finesse. I mean come on guys what the hell is up with those plastic bands so large and visible? No way that would make it into the production iphone 6, its just not apple.
    As for the Samsung alpha, I have never owned a Samsung, and personally I don’t view the removable battery as a convenient feature as I charge my iPhone daily. Plus who is going to carry around li-ion battery in their pocket or bag all the time? The design for the alpha is nice, I guess the removable plastic cover will lighten the overall weight of the phone. But everyone has tastes.
    Personally I think the iphones currently have been the best looking phones, I mean the iPhone 4 came out before the S3, and it looked lights years better than that garbage plastic fisher price phone. But now Samsung is catching up, and I have to say the S5 looks good.

  • WatDah

    How do you know what features and improvements it has when the phone is not announced yet? Come on, don’t be shy, let us know too!

  • Anon

    I have both a 5S and a Nexus 5. So, unlike some sheep that mindlessly follow a follow the herd, I don’t take sides. Obviously the REAL iPhone 6 isn’t going to resemble anything like those crappy fakes that are going around. I think Samsung did a half-assed build with this Alpha, as they could of manufactured a removable ‘metal’ backing. Or better yet, develop a longer lasting battery, and include a mobile quick-charger which would eliminate the need for a removable battery altogether. They are almost there, but not quite. Also, there are plenty of Android users that carry extra batteries in their purse, bags, pockets, glove boxes, etc. It’s small enough for it not to be an inconvenience.

  • Anon

    1080P on a 4.7″ display won’t do anything for you but suck up battery life. Heck, text will appear crisp and sharp @ 720P on such a small display.