Samsung Shames ‘Wall-Hugging’ iPhone Users in Real Life with Airport Ads [PIC]


Back in March, BlackBerry CEO John Chen was the first to call iPhone users ‘wall-huggers’, referring to their constant need to be plugged into power outlets to recharge their phone’s batteries.

Four months later, Samsung took Chen’s coined term and applied it into an ad mocking iPhone users, a hilarious spot where Apple users were depicted as charging their devices anywhere an outlet existed (even the bathroom) at airports.

Now, according to CNET, Samsung is kicking up its marketing campaign against wall-hugging iPhone owners with targeted ads placed by charging outlets at select airports:

Samsung tells me that these angst-inducing ads will be gracing John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York, , as well as Chicago’s O’Hare and Midway airports. They may also appear at other airports.

Check out the picture below of what one of these Galaxy S5 ads will look like, sporting the tag line “So you have the power to be anywhere but here”:

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Well played, Samsung. Now cue the tweets showing Samsung users charging their devices at one of these outlets, which would make their marketing campaign turn kind of ugly.


  • MatthewSantoro

    Oh please. Battery life is a problem with EVERY smartphone. I’ve seen just as many Galaxy users doing the same thing, so this ad is a major fail. Its tantamount to a politician mud-slinging because he knows the other guy has a better campaign. Hey Samsung, how about instead of trashing Apple, you come up with a way to positively showcase your OWN product. Weak. So weak.

  • J. W.

    If Samsung’s phones were known for amazing battery life, this would work. Otherwise it’s a bit weak.

  • FragilityG4

    But they do have great battery life because their users don’t use them for anything more than SMS and the odd phone call!

  • FragilityG4

    But Samsung is so innovative — oh wait that statement hasn’t been said by fAndroids for many years … Rightfully so.

  • websnap

    Weird, I just got back from a trip with a three hour layover each way and hither my wife or I had to plug in our Iphone 5s’ until we either got to the hotel for the night or got back home. Must be the selfie crowd with the camera always on…

  • Haters gonn’ hate they say!

  • Jon Holden

    The last time I was at an airport, it was like an Apple product placement.. young people, old people, babies all using iPads and iPhones. That’s the key. They were using them, a lot, and the percentage of people using them was large. So yes, you see iOS users plugged in, because they want to continue using the device on their flight, and batteries don’t last forever. It doesn’t matter what device, batteries always need to be charged.

  • Anon

    Their point was that you can change the battery when it’s dead. Carry a couple of batteries with you, and your good to go for the day without being tethered to wall. I carry a portable iPhone battery charger with me to the Airport, as to avoid being one of these iPhone wall hugging dorks. Lol

  • Anon

    Depends on what you are doing with your phone. Watching video constantly or playing games will easily drain it within a few hours. Being left idle in standby mode in your pocket will last a couple of days.

  • Steve

    On the flip side, try airports outside NA, particularly Asian countries like Japan or China, nothing but Android devices with huge screens.

  • websnap

    lol, I had a 3 hour layover… it wasn’t in my pocket in standby mode, I was entertaining myself with it due to boredom while constantly looking for decent wifi.

    What I’m trying to say was I was actually using it before, during and after the flight with no issue. I never saw a red battery icon till I got back tot the hotel room for the night.

  • ssj12

    And Apple has innovated in what way????

  • FragilityG4

    Innovation within the smartphone world has pretty much maxed out. I’m not claiming Apple his innovates anything out of the world lately; it was more of a knock on fAndroids who claim Samsung is so innovative.

  • Anon

    Like I said, it depends on what you where doing, which for some reason you don’t mention. “Entertaining yourself” could mean choking your chicken to pornhub in the bathroom.. lol

  • websnap

    Ok, I didn’t think I needed to itemize. Played Fifa 14,subway surfers, Read RSS feeds in reeder, Facebook, bunch of location stuff in the BG and the phone was always being used and unlocked while waiting for my planes then usually while on the plane but with airplane mode on.

    Interesting for when knocking the battery life of an iPhone, people don’t need to be specific but if defending it, you do. It’s not perfect but its pretty ridiculous to expect a device to be as thin as it is, use it like it’s plugged into a constant power source and then get mad it doesn’t last beyond a day.