Simons Launches New App as Company Focuses on E-Commerce


Simons department store chain is launching a new app as a part of its initiative to expand and focus on its e-commerce business. In a statement, the president of the Quebec-based company Peter Simons said:

“We really felt the need to close that gap between e-commerce and our physical and digital footprint.”

The app includes a feature that allows a user to upload a photo of a product and find similar recommendations for items that are available at a Simons store location.

The app also integrates loyalty data, tracks your orders, and allows customers to scan the tags of the products in stores to find out more information.

The company spent almost two years to build this app and invested between $3 million and $4 million into this project. With the launch of the app, the company is looking to grow its e-commerce business.

Simons is looking to purchase a 500,000 square-foot property for building a high-tech robotic distribution facility.


  • OliChabot

    nice ! was about damn time…

  • Quattro

    I loooove Simons. I wish they had a store on VI. But I can spend half a day in there easy, trying stuff on. I’m not one for shopping online. It would be nice if they included a return label, then I’d just order a couple dozen items, try them on, and send back everything that I don’t like … (maybe they will?). It would be cheaper and better than spending the other half of the day taking the ferry to West Van and driving to Park Royal, and back.