Some iOS 7 Users Affected By Daylight Savings Bug


An Australian user on Apple’s discussion forms reports that his iPhone 4 running iOS 7 has not updated the calendar properly after daylight savings went into affect earlier today. The calendars app clearly shows a 9:30am appointment in the 8:30am time slot.

A screenshot of the bug shown in the calendars app is provided below.


The discussion board also shows that users in Europe are experiencing the same problems with devices running iOS 7.

Apple has had many previous issues dealing with daylight savings on iOS. The most notable being in the iOS 4.1 update which caused users alarms to go off an hour late.

Daylight savings time does not end in Canada until November 3rd, so Canadians will have to wait to see if this bug affects them. The following countries ended daylight savings time today: several states in Australia, most parts of Europe, Mexico City, Turkey, and more. For a complete list of countries and their daylight savings start and end times can be found here.

Has anyone else been affected by the daylight savings bug in iOS 7?


  • Tim

    Didn’t Apple already make this error a few years back? Seems like it shouldn’t be rocket science to get this right.

  • Nick

    Yup, they made this error more than once. Hopefully they will get it right soon.

  • MleB1

    Aw, for f*ck’s sake. Again? Is there no one at Apple whose job it is to ensure that pointless diddling with the look of an OS or the addition of fluff apps doesn’t screw up what has already been fixed? Time and time again.
    Sorry to hear of fellow users so affected and I can only hope that by next Sunday when my clock ‘falls back’ some poor intern usually left locked in a broom closet in Cupertino has managed to patch the iOS and,in doing so, covers Tim and Jony’s ass. Again.

  • 1His_Nibs1

    Here we go again…….how is such a simple little thing like this missed or f*#ked up so many times? As per Nick’s comment below how many mulligans does Apple get on this for gawd’s sake?

  • hub2

    Zero. None. Especially since in the earlier incident, they failed to get a fix out for Canadian/US users before our time change, even though it was over a month later.

  • Dave Minard

    I noticed my alarm didn’t go off this morning at 7:30 as assigned on my iPad 4 running iOS7. Looked at my setup and the clock was set for 7:30 but in the calendar portion, it had 8:30….so I think my iPad thinks DST has ended?

    PS I am in Ontario