Watch Sonny Dickson Demo Purported Reversible USB Lightning Cable [VIDEO]


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Earlier today some images surfaced of purported reversible USB Lightning cables, which are rumoured to possibly debut with the iPhone 6.

Sonny Dickson, an Apple parts leaker with a relatively decent track record, has shared a video of the said reversible USB Lightning cable in action.

Check out the video below, titled “Reversible USB port on the new Lightning cables!”:

While the boxes are similar to the ones seen in earlier image (they look like cheap knockoffs of Lightning USB packaging missing the Apple logo), the USB connector only has the logo imprinted on one side.

Reversible USB Lightning cables would mean no more fumbling in the dark when plugging in your cable. Recent leaks point to Apple possibly implementing reversible USB Lightning cables with the iPhone 6, to match Type-C specs announced earlier last week.


  • JfromC

    Not really sure why this is such a news item the last couple of days. Is USB really that difficult to use in it’s current state? To me at least, I think the thin center connection point makes this apparently amazing new advance in USB technology, weak and much easier to become damaged. Then Apple and the government will get another $30 of your hard earned dollars so you can charge/sync etc. again.