More Sources Claim Apple is Building a Car



Earlier this week, Business Insider said they received an email from an anonymous Apple employee saying that the company is working on something that will “give Tesla a run for its money.”

The Mac Observer published a report confirming the initial speculation from Business Insider. The author of the post says his sources at Apple back up the claim that Apple is working on a car.

“I should add that when I asked one of my sources flat out to put a percentage chance on Apple working on an actual car—rather than some kind of car-related technology—I was told, “80 percent.”

When you combine all the reports, it seems almost certain that Apple is developing a car or car-related technology. Several reports have indicated that various top employees have left Tesla to work for Apple because the project is too exciting to pass up. Most of the employees that have left Tesla for Apple are those with expertise that is suited to developing a car.

Less than a week ago a mysterious camera-equipped van was spotted in San Francisco, which sparked the rumour since the vehicle was leased to Apple. The vehicles were equipped with cameras on top, leading many to believe Apple could be creating a Google Street View rival.


  • Al

    Be courteous to your readers and proof read your articles before you submit them.

    Employee not employing
    Back up not backup

  • OliChabot

    I think they should consider developing technologies with existing companies such as Tesla or other (BMW i Series, for example) instead of trying to make their own car without any background on that matter.

  • Asmodath

    The company itself does not need any experience to design and develop a car, they just need to hire people who have it…and they have already done that. I think Apple has both the resources and creative vision to build a car. I for one would definitely be interested in seeing what they can come up with. Bring on the iCar!

  • John

    Imagine if they followed your advice with the iPhone. What world would we be living in now? This site probably wouldn’t even exist and we’d be typing into an abyss.

  • Al

    I believe completely that this is just an EXTREMELY silly rumour. Apple is just trying to hire back the employees that Tesla poached from them.

    Apple will never want anything to do with car production. Their interest will never exceed media integration.

  • Peggy Bundy

    You need more time out buddy.
    All ur comments are negative, know it all and matter of fact.
    Problem being these are your perceived facts, very personal ones and mostly arrogant to the other readers.
    Proofread your own bullshit.
    Some of us don’t have time to sit around on a blogging site all day and comment on others spelling or grammar.
    Also Al don’t doubt Apple for a minute about coming out with something else mind blowing.
    I’ve been watching u comment your negativity and be a bully for years on this site.
    May I suggest a road trip seeing we’re on the topic of cars?

  • Al

    Thank you for speaking your mind. You’re absolutely right. I should not speak out about anything. I should just bend over and take it in the ass like you and the other less educated people who seem to feel that lying, screwing up and general incompetence is acceptable. So much so, that I should accept what people say as truth when I know it’s not and just sit here and say, “please sir, lie to me some more”… “thank you for giving me unpolished trash to read”… “thank you for shoving ads in my face to support the garbage that is occasionally spewed from most of the authors of these articles”. “We clearly don’t deserve any sort of quality content because we are all pathetic morons”.

    …”All ur comments are negative, know it all and matter of fact.”…

    I never comment about something as fact unless I know from experience that it is so. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with being “matter of fact”. Otherwise, when I am giving an opinion, I state it as such. And on occasion, I will simply say that I don’t understand something and ask for clarification. And a great many times I don’t comment at all because I have nothing worth while to contribute to certain topics. So clearly you don’t follow my posts as closely as you claim.

    So, on second thought… Go to school, educate yourself, and quit spouting off at someone as a bully and arrogant simply because you have no other intelligent thoughts in your head. Because (as you are clearly unaware), when someone can’t contribute intelligently, they resort to attempting to bring down the person with whom they are having the discussion.

    So lets talk about the rest of your reply…

    …”Some of us don’t have time to sit around on a blogging site all day and comment on others spelling or grammar.”…

    What’s your point?

    …”Proofread your own bullshit.”…

    What are you referencing? Can you be more specific? Or are you just trying to spout off without actually knowing what you are saying?

    …”Also Al don’t doubt Apple for a minute”…

    I never doubt Apple if they say they are going to do something. The thing is… Apple never said anything about a car, so your statement is rather silly. And, my comments were related to two pieces of sound information… 1. Apple is, in fact, trying to entice their ex-employees back from Tesla. 2. Developing a car is a completely illogical path for such a company to take. It’s far less profitable and more prone to complex issues which can lower a company’s stock overnight.

  • Salinger

    Wow, an Apple car? I can only imagine how much that would cost. You’d probably need a second iMortgage to get one.

  • Al’s Bitch

    Haha u r pathetic Al.
    Read ur own comment back a few times.
    Maybe you can give your old mind a shake.

    ‘So let’s talk about the rest of your reply?’

    Gimme a break man.
    Serious brother no harm but u r arrogant, ignorant and even worse of a cyber bully than I thought.
    The way you come at me in that response is enough said, typed and read.
    You are worse off & I have no need to bring u down, just a poorly opinionated punk loud mouth who’s words are bigger then Apple.
    Hiding behind your keyboard and ‘puter.
    Nothing more needs to be said after a response so thoroughly crafted as yours… Touché sir, get a iLife.

  • Jason

    Ha if this were true would Apple finally allow you to replace the battery if it’s low or dies? Or would you be forced to buy a new car?

  • Lol. AppleCare, silly!

  • Al

    Thanks for proving my point.

  • Peggy Bundy

    Anything to keep u quiet buds.

  • Al

    How does that statement make any sense?

    You have yet to make a single intelligent statement. You have been spewing nothing but badgering and groundless accusations. The very sort of thing that you have been accusing me of. You sound more like a troll. I don’t feed trolls, so we’re done here. Go ahead and get your last word in so that you can fool yourself into believing you have a clue.

  • Al

    “Bitch slapped” is two words.