SPIGEN iPhone 6 Cases On Sale from Amazon Canada for $9.99 [60% Off]


If you’ve pre-ordered your iPhone 6 and you need a case in time for your delivery date on Friday, September 19 (that is if you’re part of the first wave), SPIGEN has a sale right now on for $9.99. If you have a Prime membership, shipping is free.

The following cases are available for the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 right now:

Screenshot 2014 09 13 23 19 14

Screenshot 2014 09 13 23 21 32

Screenshot 2014 09 13 23 20 46

Here’s a SPIGEN Perfect Fit transparent case for the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus:

Screenshot 2014 09 13 23 26 10

You can check out other SPIGEN iPhone 6 case sales here, why quantities are still available. Let us know what you jump on!

[via RFD]


  • john

    The clear spigen cases are all sold out and the link provided was for the iphone 6.

  • Lucas

    Picked up one of these. Thanks!

  • Okina

    Went with the first three if only to get free shipping. Yeah kind of kind of cheap. Although nothing wrong with variety right?

    Someone give me an Amen on that.

  • Amen!

  • Kirk

    Damnnit Gary! always providing us with good links and money saving deals!! STOP THAT!! LOL! Ordered the first two last night! ….in my sleep!?!? O.o

  • Kirk


  • Way to get in early! 😉

  • Too late

    Darn it. I placed my Spigen case order immediately after I preordered my iphone at regular price. Now it’s too late to cancel. Oh well.

  • Rob Norman

    Picked up 2 of the crystal clear ultra hybrid for my wife’s and daughter’s gold iPhone 6…holding out for the new Otterbox real tree defender for mine.
    Thanks for the link.

  • ken

    Thanks for the link, just purchased a Slim Armor S in Gunmetal for the six. $15 and change all in with Wednesday Sept. 17 ship date. Should be in time for Fridays phone arrival.

  • Alex Randell

    Sadly, iPhone 6 Plus cases aren’t on sale, and none are in stock ’till September 30, and they all charge $6.98 to ship from California. 🙁

  • Brad

    go to aliexpress and search for “iPhone 6 spigen” or “iPhone 6 plus spigen”. from what I researched the fit and finish is equal and in many cases last longer than the original. Free shipping. 3 to 6 dollars. Yeah I know it will take one month but I don’t know when I’ll get my six and more importantly my six plus so I don’t mind. Nothing on amazon guarantees they are genuine.

  • “Nothing on amazon guarantees they are genuine.”

    Except that they are sold by SGP themselves..

  • Yimmer

    Awesome, ordered 4 cases today and with amazon prime they should all be here by the 17th 🙂 4 cases = 1 case from the apple store.

  • Boom! 🙂

  • RyleyLamarsh

    I gots me the clear case!

  • Boomshakalaka

  • Yimmer

    All my cases arrived today, barely 24hr from purchase time. Pretty impressive.

  • Oh nice, that was hella fast.

  • Ryan Peterson

    ya – and I ordered it and received 2 4.7″ cases… I have a 5.5″ coming Friday. Boo. As I get older I pay no attention to the details… argh.