Super Mario Run Downloads Surpass 2.85 Million on First Day


Nintendo’s Super Mario Run for iPhone debuted yesterday in the App Store in 151 countries worldwide and already, it has been downloaded over 2.85 million times, according to analytics firm Apptopia (via The Verge). In comparison, Pokémon Go was only downloaded 900,000 times in its first day of availability. The highly anticipated title has however received a less warm reception than anticipated, sending Nintendo’s shares down by 4%.


As reported by The Telegraph, gamers are complaining about the inability to play it offline, which is why it also failed to top the App Store’s highest-grossing charts in many countries. According to data from SensorTower, Super Mario Run went to the top of the download charts in 68 countries, including Canada, but was only the highest-grossing in 14. The game currently has a rating of three out of five stars in Apple’s App Store. 

Shares in Nintendo, which had jumped 13pc when Super Mario Run was announced as the company appeared to finally respond to investors’ demands to embrace mobile gaming, fell 4.2pc on Friday, knocking  140.5bn yen (£958m) off the company’s value.

Not having an internet connection makes the game off limits to many of the places smartphone games are most suited to, such as underground trains. According to Nintendo, the constant internet connection to its servers is required for security and to prevent piracy.

The game is the first iPhone title to feature Mario, Nintendo’s most famous character, and has been eagerly anticipated since it was announced in September.


  • Biggy604

    I bet after users find out the only 3 stages are free and to “buy the rest of the game” is $14 most of those people deleted Mario lol

  • That’s exactly what I did.
    I did everything, even the extra stages on bonus stuff. Only lasted about 15 minutes then I deleted it. Everything else was locked behind a pay wall

  • LouisDC

    Personally, I don’t mind paying for the game. What I don’t like is that the only way to buy the game is through in-app purchase.

    Because of that, it doesn’t work with Apple’s family sharing. If I want my two kids to play the game too I need to buy it three times! That’s the real bummer to me.

    And I don’t understand why they require an internet connection. For piracy? There’s almost zero piracy on iOS! For security? What’s so dangerous about being offline?

    I was really looking forward to this game, but I finally decided to wait before buying it. Currently not worth my money…

  • Cornfed710

    If I’m on family sharing and I buy an app, we can all share it?

  • biggy604

    I was able to play a game on a shared apple account that used in-app purchases to remove ads. Then again I don’t know how Nintendo is handling in app pirchases. As others you just need to recover previous purchase on the other iphone or ipad your using to use the same app/apps.

  • LouisDC

    As far as I know, there’s no “Restore purchases” option in the game. So if you change phone, you may need to buy the game again…