Survey Claims iPhone X Demand May Be Lower Than Expected


Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen a few reports claiming that iPhone 8 sales have been somewhat slow. However, earlier today, new data from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) revealed that Apple’s iPhone 8 models are selling about as well as a typical ‘S’ release.

So far, analysts have been willing to forgive lukewarm iPhone 8 sales on the assumption that demand for the iPhone X will be through the roof. KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that the iPhone X will help sell more iPhones in 2018 than ever before.

Not everyone is convinced though. According to a new survey conducted by Bernstein, demand for the iPhone X will be large, but not mind blowing. In a survey that included 1,112 current iPhone owners, 48% of respondents said that they were “excited for the iPhone X” but only 25% said they were planning on buying it.

Using the survey data to draw conclusions is pretty difficult, since we don’t know what Bernstein has said in the past about sales numbers for a new iPhone. Is a 25% figure for purchasing the device lower or higher than usual for an iPhone release?

The good news here is that we will not have to wait too long to find out how well the iPhone X sells. Preorders for the device go live in multiple countries, including Canada, starting this Friday, October 27. The device will then be available on store shelves starting November 3.

[via Reuters]


  • Devices will not be on store shelves starting November 3rd, because they’ll be sold out. Fake News!

    Not too excited about Face ID from a security standpoint.

  • iverge

    Apple should change its name to Lemon.

  • FragilityG4

    Fake news? You know there’s a difference between supply and demand right??

  • Riley Freeman

    price point. If it was the same price as before, survey would look very different

  • Riddlemethis

    At some point more and more “average” consumers will come to their senses and arrive to the logical conclusion that amortizing a phone is absurd. Cell phone manufacturing should focus on efficiency and making devices more affordable. However greed and high gross profit margins prevent them from doing so.

    Let’s hope Apple comes to their senses in one area: selection. Give consumers a choice of two devices at most. Apple should be setting the example that society should not be driven by ego and having the newest toy to flash in the face of everyone who crosses their path.

  • Riddlemethis


  • Tyler

    I hope this is true. I’ll be ordering at 12:01am Friday morning.

  • SOB

    3:01am for me. 🙁

  • Olivier

    The hype is gone. People had a whole month to realize the phone is too expensive for most pockets.

  • FragilityG4

    The thing is Apple does offer several handsets at several price points. Having said that if you want the best available you will have to pay a premium. You cant buy a KIA and expect a BMW.

  • FragilityG4

    Friday will show differently 🙂

  • This. Was going to say the same. I don’t think the percent is due to lack of interest so much as “whoah, $”

  • What Fragility said. Also, Smartphones are essentially about fitting as much computing power – multi-purpose usage – into the palm of your hand as possible, not merely about a device that sends and takes phone calls, and maybe text messages.

    There are still devices that do that, but these days it really now is just the smallest class of ‘personal computer’ which doubles as a phone.

  • iverge

    It’s a riddle… figure it out.

  • Lol

  • Me too.
    However I may do a walk-in later that weekend providing a store still has stock if it’s true that interest will be lower than expected, maybe they all won’t sell out.

  • Olivier

    should we bet on it ;)? I read and comment on Apple news websites and forums, of course it’s mostly « fanboys » and « early birds » on there. I’m sure the X will appeal to many tech guys and Apple fanboys out there, i just don’t see it being as big as the iphone 6. As other mentionned, it’s not necessarily the lack of interest, but more of a prototype product and a skyhigh price point.

    I guess we’ll have the answer by Sunday of how well the sales went.

  • Kris

    Touch ID under the display would have been much better than Face ID if they wanted to remove the home button to make the front of the phone all-screen. But neither they or Samsung could get it to work reliably. So for now Samsung stuck their fingerprint reader on the back of the Galaxy S8 and Note 8 and Apple did away with it altogether on the iPhone X…. I think that’s a mistake. Face ID is inferior in many way to Touch ID especially for all of the situations where you may not want to unlock your phone with your face. The OLED screen and hardware necessary for FaceID drove up the price to unaffordable levels and now they’ve priced themselves out of their biggest market. Sure the iPhone diehards will still buy the iPhone X but that’s about it. I’ve used iPhones for years but got sick of waiting for the iPhone X when my iPhone 5 died last year so I switched to a Samsung Galaxy S7 and don’t regret it. I still prefer the responsiveness of iOS over Android but with the exception of the CPU (which still isn’t bad) the hardware features on the Galaxy phones are superior. The iPhone 8 has just caught up to some of the features (i.e. wireless charging, fast charging) that the Galaxy S7 (and other competing Android phones) had last year and the OLED screen on the Galaxy S7 was/is a big plus. That’s partly why I think the iPhone 8 isn’t selling well… It’s essentially an iPhone 6SS… The iPhone 7 was a minor improvement over the 6S and the 8 is a minor improvement over the 7. People are tired of the same old design with minor improvements and want a whole new design with revolutionary feature improvements vs evolutionary ones. The AR kit stuff is cool but it’s debatable whether the face recognition sensors are a revolutionary-enough feature to merit the large cost increase of the iPhone X. Just the OLED screen by itself doesn’t warrant the large price increase. The Galaxy S8 has an OLED screen too but is much less expensive. Obviously because Samsung makes the OLED displays they favor their own phones first over that of their competitors. Apple’s trying to get LG to pick up the slack but obviously their mobile OLED displays aren’t quite there yet (as evidenced by the mediocre LG OLED display on the Pixel XL). Samsung’s already had years to perfect their mobile OLED displays so theirs are the best on the market at the moment.

  • Duster Dashed

    Increases my chances of getting one on Day 1.

    Also people underestimate the chinese market, scalpers have been selling these in china at that price point already since iPhone 4. In China and other asian countries, the iPhone is more than just a phone or a mini computer, it is a status symbol. A mark of affluence, since a lot of people buy it there at full price cash.

  • Duster Dashed

    I clearly remember that the mindset is, if you are poor, you get and android and then move up to an iPhone once you start making big bucks. Don’t get me wrong I know there’s more expensive androids out there.. all im saying is that was the mindset back then.
    Poor = android
    Rich = iPhone

  • FragilityG4

    It won’t be as much as the 6 based on supply constraints right out of the box. The high price will sway people away for sure and the 8 will pick up those people. It will be more successful than some people say but not as successful as other say.

  • Ned K.

    That is a really really old retarded maindset. What car do you drive btw? It’s only a fking phone.

  • Kirk

    Good luck to all those preordering. I will not be getting one this Friday. For me personally I want to see what they do next year with the phone. It feels more or less like they are testing something new so maybe the next model will be more refined. I have an iPhone 7 I’m good. ????????

  • Duster Dashed

    Well phones are to China and most of SouthEast Asia what Cars are to Europeans and North Americans.

    I only have a CRV 2017, I don’t really care much for cars as long as it can take me to my destination. Phones and gadgets though are my weakness, I want the latest yearly

  • How do you like your 2017 CRV? Honda throwing a lot of semi autonomous driving aids in there.

  • Duster Dashed

    I actually love it. But then again I don’t have anything to compare it to since it’s my first car and my first few months of driving. But so far so good! I love the lane guidance and adaptive cruise control and collision mitigation stuff